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The Lorax - The Environment Protector

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“The Lorax” was written by one of the most well-known American children’s book authors. Since its publication in 1971, “The Lorax” has been named as one of “Teachers' Top 100 Books for Children” and one of the “Top 100 Picture Books” by the School Library Journal. In “The Lorax,” that dull and filthy area used to be a beautiful place, filled with fresh air, green grasses, and lots of colorful Truffula Trees. Many animals used to play happily in this earthly paradise. But everything changed after the arrival of one person, Once-ler. With an axe, one swing was all it took for the tree to fall down. On the freshly cut-stump, a man came out. Once-ler couldn’t wait to use the soft tuft, and knitted a Thneed, while talking to this strange man. The Thneeds became more and more popular, and more people came to buy it. Even railroads were built. Tree after tree, Once-ler’s business grew bigger and bigger. The Lorax kept asking Once-ler to stop chopping down trees. “I am going to continue to speak for the trees.” Sadly, Once-ler wouldn’t listen to him. Eventually, there were no more trees left. Along with them, gone were the clean air, fresh water, fruits and plants, and the animals who lived on them. At the end of the story, the Lorax departed the dark and lifeless place in despair; however, he left something behind, a pile of rocks placed to spell out the word “UNLESS,” which puzzled Once-ler for a long time. But he figured it out one day after talking to a boy. “Because UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” Once-ler threw a seed at the boy and told him to plant the last Truffula seed. Every one of us can be like that boy, to start caring about the environment, to start growing things, and to be a protector of nature. We can stop eating meat, so that trees wouldn’t need to be cut down for raising animals; we can use recycled paper for crafts, we can use a cloth towel instead of paper towels, so that less trees will be cut down to make them. There are many ways to save, recycle and reuse natural resources. Many children around the world have been taking actions to plant trees and protect the environment. You are welcome to join too!
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