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Bob Love - Be An Open Positive Vegan

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Today we are meeting with Bob Love, owner of the vegan online store “ETHCS,” and YouTuber from London. His YouTube channel is called, “Family Freedom,” and it features his plant-based family going on all sorts of adventures! Together with his wife Katie, and their three children, JoJo, Jamie, and Sam, Bob has travelled all over the world to places like Miami and Paris, while enjoying delicious regional vegan foods in the process. Bob and his family work together to find delicious vegan food wherever they go! “We didn’t have many challenges in the foods or adopting the lifestyle. It’s more with the people. I find that you expect people to adopt it and receive it in the same way that you did. We thought people like our friends and family, they’re going to get it, but they didn’t.” “I think you have to recognize that you don’t need them to accept it. If they are your friends and family, and you’re just simply letting them know a change you’re doing in your life, and it doesn’t have to affect them.” Bob highly recommends using websites and documentaries, in order to help those close to you, understand why you have made the decision to be vegan. “If there are other people who are vegan, connect with them. Whether you can, in real life go out together, or online in forums, do that because it’s like a support forum with each other.” “Not only be positive in the way we communicate, but be a positive example. Keep yourself healthy, so that’s a good example to them. Be happy as well. As long as you’re positive, you’re eating good food, you’re showing off good aspects of the lifestyle, creating a persona which they can essentially be attracted by and want to adopt that lifestyle.”
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