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Animal World: Our Co-inhabitants

Jesus and the Animals

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Christians refer to Jesus as the “Son of God,” and a being as great and important as the Son of God could choose any location on Earth to be born. The place would have been carefully planned by the Heavens. Setting Jesus’ birth among the animals seems to show that they carry an important significance in His life and mission on Earth. It was such an extraordinary honor for the animals to be witness to His birth – perhaps He was trying to elevate humans’ understanding of their Earthly co-inhabitants. Let’s keep that in mind as we look at the rest of Jesus’ time on Earth.

Supreme Master Ching Hai discussed Jesus’ diet during a November 21, 2008, interview with journalist Andrea Bonnie of Ireland’s Irish Independent newspaper. "(Was Jesus a vegetarian? Are there passages in the Bible that talk about whether or not Jesus was a vegetarian?) Poor Jesus. Everyone tries to put meat or fish into the Lord's mouth. He's a pure vegetarian. He came from the Essenes tradition, and the Essenes are vegetarian all the time. We have mentioned always in my talks that Jesus did never eat meat; clearly in the Bible, it's stated in many places that humans should not eat meat at all. ‘Be thou not among flesh eaters and wine drinkers.’ ’Meat for the belly, belly for the meat, and God will destroy both meat and them.’ ’Who told you to kill all the bullocks and the she-sheep to make offerings to me? Please stop the killing of all these innocents. Wash your hands because they are full of blood. If you continue to do that, I will turn my head away when you pray.’ For example like that."

Many times in the Essene scriptures, Jesus makes it clear God requires His people to be vegetarian. For example, Jesus says: “For I tell ye, those whose hands are stained with blood, and whose mouths are defiled with the flesh of innocent creatures, are not worthy of life in this world, nor in the world to come. Let such be born again to the sacred truths of the kingdom or forever be forgotten of God, for by no means will such enter the Kingdom of light, but will remain in darkness due to their bloodguilt.”

In the Essene scriptures, Jesus gives the Holy Humane Law from God. One of the Holy Humane Laws is vegetarianism, which Jesus stated as: “Ye shall not eat the flesh, nor drink the blood of any slaughtered creature, nor yet anything which bringeth disorder to your health or senses.”

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