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Rewiring the Brain to Build Happiness

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Happiness is the ideal state that we all pursue. People are trying to find happiness by doing things that are good for them and things they are good at as well as by doing good for others. There is another intriguing way to build happiness which is by rewiring our brain. Neuroscientists believe we can intentionally change our brains using neuroplasticity to achieve a happier state. The key is attention and awareness to positive experiences through mindful practices.

Negativity bias is a natural tendency of our brain. This means that people pay more attention to bad experiences than to good ones, which explains why individuals generally tend to recall criticism more than praise. When we find ourselves thinking negatively, we can kindly remind ourselves not to be tricked by the brain. Pause a moment to disconnect the string of negative thoughts and focus on something else.

Therefore, it’s important to practice paying extra attention to positive experiences in order to make positive entries in our memory. When something good happens, take a moment to recognize the positive feeling. Replay the moment several times to register the wonderful experience. Training this way every day, we can restructure our brain to change our mind for the better.

Focusing on the moment is also crucial for a happier life. Because of distraction, we easily miss wonderful moments that benefit our well-being. Therefore, focusing on the present, as many philosophical and religious traditions teach, is a wise suggestion to follow.

Happiness matters because not only does it make us feel good, it also helps us develop a stronger mindset for life challenges and brings many health benefits.

Here are some other useful methods that we’d like to share with you to aid in boosting happiness in your daily life. Put on a Smile; Get Creative; Spend Time in Nature; Cultivate Relationships; Count Your Blessings; Practice Mindfulness; Engage in Acts of Kindness.
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