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Ukraine's Courageous First Lady: Olena Zelenska

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Becoming First Lady meant Her Excellency Olena Zelenska was thrust into a position of immense responsibility. Millions of her country’s citizens looked to her as a source of great inspiration and stoic resolve, especially as Russian forces aggressively invaded their homeland on the 24th of February 2022.

Using various digital media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, she has uplifted the hearts of Ukrainians and also sent bold entreaties to international leaders and the world community at large, bringing awareness and awakening the world to the immense and immediate dangers facing not only Ukraine, but the entire globe. She told ABC News: “As every woman in Ukraine, now I fear for my husband… I also know how strong and enduring he is… He loves our country, our motherland, he loves his nation, his family, me. And I know how strong are these feelings. Therefore, he will defend all these ‘til the very end.”

When the United States government offered asylum to the Zelenskyy family after Russia invaded her country, the steadfast First Lady refused it, vowing to stay in the country with her children in support of her husband and country.

In another social media post made by First Lady Olena Zelenska, she highlights the atrocities carried out by Russian troops. “Ukrainians lead children to basements every night and fight with the enemy under the walls of their native houses. We are against the war, and we did not attack first. But we are not going to give up.”

Recently, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke about the center for Ukrainian refugees in the Lithuanian capital city which was the joint idea of the First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, and the First Lady of Lithuania, Diana Nausėdienė. “OK, very good. The First Lady of Ukraine is working very hard. She rarely appears in the public, but she does work behind the scenes to help these desperate citizens. She’s a good girl. She also contacted Macron’s wife, the First Lady of France so that they can send some refugees and take care of all that. For the refugees in France and for the children.”
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