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The Pure Love and Trust Between Children and Animal-People

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I love children! I think most of my four-legged associates do too. Why? It’s because we are a perfect match. The pure-hearted children are close to God, and we animal folk are in direct contact with the Creator, so we feel comfortable with each other.

The innate affection most children have for us animal-people is unconditional. They love us simply because we are there. They value us as living beings. They give us comfort and kindness. They will offer a helping hand when we are in trouble.

When a child grows up with a furry friend, that tiny human has a ready companion for playing, cuddling, confiding, and perhaps even crying. An animal pal is indeed a blessing in a young person’s life. Our fondness for each other is spontaneous and genuine.

Very young humans and people from the animal kingdom are intimately connected with Heaven. Their hearts are receptive and eager to respond, free from prejudice and doubt. Their innocence and joy exemplify living in the moment, which naturally leads to a better tomorrow. One frequently displayed aspect of friendships between children and animal-people is how they look after each other. Let’s look at some more cute examples of how little kids connect with their four-legged friends.

And when compassionate consciousness blossoms from within, many children reject the idea that animal-people should die to become food for humans. For example, when 3-year-old Adrian from Nepal saw a goat-person being slaughtered, he realized that his animal friend was next in line. He refused to let him be killed. In this next instance, the 3-year-old boy, Luiz, objected to eating his dinner after knowing that an octopus-person had been chopped up.

We animal-people were undoubtedly created to be your cherished companions and not your food. Let us pray that all humans will switch to a vegan way of life, and all animal-people will be free to enjoy a fulfilling time on Earth. PS: Dear God, we really need it to happen now!
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