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Rakesh Shukla - The Voice of Stray Dogs

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In Karnataka, India, Bengaluru is known as the country’s information technology capital. It was there that a software engineer named Rakesh Shukla co-founded a technical communication company in 2005 called The Writers Block (TWB). The success of his business enabled him to travel, buy expensive cars and watches, and live a life of luxury. Yet, something was missing. He was unhappy that his life lacked meaning.

Then, in 2009, Mr. Shukla rescued an adorable golden retriever-infant named Kavya. In a blog post about the incident, Mr. Shukla revealed that he used to talk to God before Kavya’s arrival. They conversed as friends for many years until one day, Mr. Shukla told God he wanted more love. God said, “OK, you can have all of it. You can be My son if you can be their father,” and God pointed to the puppy lying in the corner. Mr. Shukla knew that Kavya had arrived to transform his life and said from then on, “I could never stop nor forget that I do God’s work and that they are my children.” Mr. Shukla began truly living these words. It became Mr. Shukla’s habit to take responsibility for any unfortunate dog-person he found on the streets.

By 2012, Mr. Shukla needed even more space, so he bought some land in a town called Doddaballapura, just beyond Bengaluru. He planted trees and set up over 50 enclosures on almost one and a half hectares, giving his grateful kids plenty of room to run around plus ponds to swim in. He constructed a double fence to ensure their safety and hired a team of attendants to look after them, preparing food and providing medical attention. The following year, Mr. Shukla registered The Voice of Stray Dogs (VOSD) as a charitable trust for dog-people who have no caregiver and no hope.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Thankfully present Rakesh Shukla and The Voice of Stray Dogs the Shining World Compassion Award, plus a humble supporting token of US$10,000 for medical help to some special need dog-residents in your loving care. May Heavens bless you and all involved with all the best. Salute you all in Divine Love”
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