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The Love of a Mother Is Universal

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Today’s program celebrates Mother’s Day by presenting examples of how animal-people mothers channel God’s Love toward their offspring. In all cultures and circumstances, mothers deserve our eternal appreciation. They do their best to take care of their young ones, even if it means sacrificing their comfort. They strive to protect us, nurture us, and teach us how to get by in the world. Animal-people mothers display great noble qualities, tirelessly keeping an eye on us and giving us their all to ensure that we develop into healthy adults.

Mothers can also be playful. During a blistering heatwave in British Columbia, Canada, a mama bear-person visited someone’s backyard swimming pool with her kids. She must have known how much fun they would have and watched as they frolicked. But ever cautious, she led them away over a fence before they overstayed their welcome.

The sacrifices that mothers make are countless and mostly unspeakable. Taking care of their offspring is always their top priority. Throughout Supreme Master Ching Hai’s time in Amoura, She encountered many examples of animal-people mothers’ dedication. She describes some of them in Her bestselling book “The Noble Wilds,” including the story of a swan-lady named Pitu. To quote Master’s lyrical account: “Pitu would pluck her silky feathers To inlay the nest softer. Day and night, rain or shine She protects her nestlings as her life.”

This devoted dog-person mom had keen intuition about whom she should ask for help. When heavy rainfall threatened to drown her babies in their birthplace, she found the best person to assist with rescuing them. Mothers are so in sync with their young! They are always standing by, like guardian angels. When an elephant-infant toppled into the deep end of a pool, Mama and Auntie wasted no time coming to the rescue.

I can think of no better way to close than to share one more poetic quote from Supreme Master Ching Hai's book “The Noble Wilds”: “Oh! The love of a mother. What else can one say! Only the heart feels sympathy And the eyes feel moist!”
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