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5th International Artist Day Celebration in Taiwan (Formosa)

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In celebration of the 5th International Artist Day, our Association members in Taiwan (Formosa) organized a three-day art exhibition at the Taipei Music Center displaying the fascinating works of nearly 300 local artists. A special part of the exhibit featured the luminescent creations of Supreme Master Ching Hai, including Her Longevity Lamp designs, paintings, photographs, and painted fans.

In 2018, Master designated April 3rd as International Artist Day to honor the world’s gifted artists of all fields. In joyful tribute this year, talented Taiwanese (Formosan) artists of diverse genres came together to stage an entrancing musical titled “Light & Sound: Keys of Ancient Love,” which set to music some of Master’s profound poems while also showing images of Her paintings.

The musical told a story of the soul’s journey and struggle to transcend the ephemeral world. The cast included top Taiwanese (Formosan) artists: renowned actor Soda Voyu, who also directed the piece; famed vegetarian singer Chyi Yu, and acclaimed actress Yen Ling Hsu as the narrator. 

Before the spectacular performance, Master graciously had taken time from Her intensive meditation retreat for the planet to send a message for the artists as well as the 3,000-plus art lovers in attendance. 

“Beloved and wonderful artists and admiring viewers, time passes so quickly. It’s already the fifth anniversary of the International Artist Day. We, the entire world population, greet you with joy and gladness. It’s such a blessing that we can still have the fortune to see your talents in full bloom. Remembering all the past years’ beautiful performances, and all your contributions, ever since we can remember, to world happiness, we thank you, and wish that we could all be there in person. We still, with high tech nowadays, can see all its splendor in a later broadcast. The whole world’s viewers will be in a daze. So, this is just a quick note to wish you all an amazing time. Embracing you all, in God’s Love. Wishing all of you good health and joy. Love you so much, so much, high-class artists. God Bless.”

The participating artists expressed their sincere gratitude to Supreme Master Ching Hai for Her love and for creating the International Artist Day as one of Her many uplifting endeavors.

We too appreciate Master’s reminders to hold on to beauty, nobility and inspiration in this difficult world. Our thankfulness also goes to the world’s artists for the wonders you do for our hearts and minds. May Heavens keep you well and your creativity vibrantly alive.

For the full broadcast of this marvelous event, please tune to A Journey through Aesthetic Realms at a later date. 

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