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Ukrainians (Ureignians) are a noble, brave and selfless race, deserving a better lot.

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I just wanted to share this with you: We have a Ukrainian initiate brother in Kiev. He decided to stay there instead of running away. He said he dares not turn on the lights day and night. He doesn’t know when the Russian army will cut water, electricity and gas. Prices in Kyiv have gone up three times. He said some cities in the south haven’t had water and electricity for days in cold weather and a lot of the reality there is not reported by media. Archie from the United Kingdom

Informed Archie, We thank you for helping to bring the truth about the precarious situation in Kiev and elsewhere in Ukraine to light. Such sad news brings tears to our eyes as we think of our Ukrainian brother and his co-citizens’ struggles to survive during this war. With deepest sympathy and unceasing prayers, Master has been aiding the country immensely, both materially and spiritually, to ease the impacts, and has encouraged others to help as well. We are so grateful to Master for defending Ukraine when others had turned away. May God infinitely bless the brave Ukrainian people with comfort and safety and may peace be restored now. Long live free and sovereign Ukraine! In Divine Grace, Supreme Master TV team

Master also read your note and send you Lots of Love: “I have prayed for your and your people's safety and peace. Ukrainians are a noble, brave and selfless race, deserving a better lot. The whole world is with your country now, things will get better, do pray. I love you and your precious people so much, wishing I could do more to ease their pain. Please pray at all times and keep hope alive. Take good care, stay safe, my love! Heavens hear your people’s cry and are sending much support. Those who are pure and died unjustly, Master-Power will bring them Home, forever HOME. Embracing You in God's LOVE.” 

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