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Fish-People Symphonies from the Deep Blue Sea

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Today I would love to tell you about how we fish-people sing. And our repertoire extends beyond just using our voices. Much like humans might clap, snap their fingers, and produce a variety of different sounds in song and celebration, so do we people of the fish kingdom. We fish folk may sing together in chorus or deliver solo performances. During group performances, it’s almost like a maestro directing many different fish-people to sing in harmony.

The catfish-people can also make their own sounds. Some families of catfish-people make a squeaking sound by rubbing the spines of their pectoral fins along the grooves on their shoulders. Here are some more unique fish-people whose sounds may surprise you. And one species of the Terapontid-people family makes a distinct buzzing type sound which has been compared with the buzzer in the famous “Operation” board game.

We use different parts of our bodies to make different sounds. One cool thing we can do is to make a drumming sound. Many of us can do this using our sonic muscles that are near our swim bladders. And just as humans like to hum, so do different types of fish-people. The plainfin midshipman fish-people, who are sometimes called the “California singing fish,” can hum for at least up to two hours in order to attract female companions when they want to start a family.

We ask that you leave us off your plate, and eat a healthy vegan diet instead. Please love us and protect us. Our message is simple: “Please open your hearts. Please go vegan, keep the oceans clean, and let all of us aquatic beings live in peace and harmony.”

We are ever so grateful when Supreme Master Ching Hai speaks out on our behalf. “Fish-people eating is very depleting to planetary ecosystem. They have proven that overfishing of sardine-people has resulted in many dead zones. Because they are there for some reason. They are there for the ocean, give life to some other kinds of species or cleaning the environment. Whatever the species that God has left on the planet, they have work to do.”
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