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The Sun-Loving Hyrax-People of Africa and the Middle East

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Allow me to start by introducing myself. As I’ve mentioned, I am a proud hyrax-person. We have different “nationalities” of people from the hyrax kingdom, such as the rock hyrax-people, the bush hyrax-people and the tree hyrax-people, and we live across Africa and in some areas of the Middle East. As you can see, compared to humans, we are quite short in stature. We range from about the size of a large rabbit-person to the size of a house cat-person. Sometimes we are called the “rock rabbit”-people.

And while we are on the topic of history, one of our claims to fame is that we humble people are mentioned in the Holy Bible. Human-people are now of the opinion that the word “coneys” in the Bible refers to the hyrax-people. In Proverbs 30:24 it is written: “They are gregarious, and ‘exceedingly wise.’”

I hail from the tree hyrax-people, who prefer to spend our time in trees. We live in forests and areas where there are plenty of trees, such as coastal dunes and rainforests. One of our special abilities is being able to camouflage quite well with tree bark due to the brownish-gray color of our fur. As happy herbivores, some of our favorite foods are twigs, fruit, and delicious leafy goodness. We aren’t as social as our cousins the rock hyrax-people, who tend to live around rocky areas. We are nocturnal, so we prefer to be awake during the nighttime. They form large communities with up to 80 individuals, and live in the crevices of rocks and boulders. Unlike us, they are active during the daytime. They love to sunbathe and soak up the warmth of the sun.

Speaking of stories, our most recent claim to fame is that we hyrax-people were represented in the Ice Age Continental Drift movie. And they did make us look quite adorable, don’t you think?

I implore you, if you do happen to come across any of my people, please treat us with respect and kindness. We would greatly appreciate this kindness from you and thank you in advance, sending lots of love your way in appreciation for your caring hearts.

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