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The Most Stunning Moth-People in the World

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Moth-people belong to the Order Lepidoptera, just like our butterfly cousins. You may have met some of our moth friends hanging on your screen door or flying around your light bulbs on summer nights. Approximately 160,000 moth-people species have been discovered around the world.

We Madagascan Sunset moth-people are quite large compared to other moth-people, with a wingspan of between 9 and 11 centimeters. Our gorgeous wings are decorated in the most amazing colors, shapes, and patterns by our loving Creator. Usually, they are shades of black, red, green, yellow, and blue. Every time we flap our wings, the colors and patterns shift, creating a kaleidoscopic effect. Another beauty is the species of Rosy Maple moth-people, who are visually stunning with their vivid colors. Variations include numerous tones and hues of cream, white, pink, yellow, and purple. They are often seen with pink coloring at the margins and bases of the wings, thus the color reference in their name. Last but not least we have the mighty Atlas moth-people, also known as Attacus atlas, who are one of the largest moth-people on the planet, with a wingspan of up to 24 centimeters!

Each species serves a unique purpose in this world to help it function and make it beautiful. Like bee- and bird-people, moth-people have an extremely important role in the pollination of plants. However, a study recently showed that moth-people populations in the UK and elsewhere in Europe have declined significantly since 1980, with the main reason being climate change.

Unfortunately, we moth-people are also exploited to produce silk. According to Peta, 3,000 moth-people are killed to produce only about half a kilogram of silk. Some people even try to catch beautiful moth-people like us just to make jewelry or decorations out of us. Please consider alternatives, such as cruelty-free vegan silk, vegan jewelry, and going vegan to protect all precious life forms, so that all of God’s creations are free to live their beautiful lives in peace.
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