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Initiation Requires Master Power, October 20, 2021

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Host: In a work-related phone call on Wednesday, October 20, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai kindly took time to address some important issues raised by our team members regarding Heavens’ rules on who may transmit Master Power during the Quan Yin Method’s initiation process.

(For the Quan Yin Method, sometimes Master would select a certain resident and not other residents to do the initiation process.) Yes. (Why would that be so?)

Why? Because some are a little bit higher than the others and it’s easier. (Ah, yes.) Easier to connect, easy to transmit the load of energy. (Oh, understand.) If it’s too low, he might get into trouble. (Oh.) A sudden influx of energy, even good things you cannot eat too much. (Oh, yes.) Even vitamins you cannot take the whole box. (Yes, that’s right.) That’s what it is. Some monks and nuns are not ready. (Oh, understand.) Principally can do, just it’s easier with somebody a little more elevated. (Yes, understand, Master.)

(Master, with the Quan Yin Method can anybody give the initiation instructions to others? […])

Principally, yes. Because it’s not that person who does give the initiation. It’s just the verbal instruction. (Ah, yes.) And the Master Power is the one that is in charge. (Ah, Master Power is behind it. Yes.) It’s not the method. It is the Master Power infused with it. It’s not just a verbal instruction. Verbal instruction just tells you to sit and be quiet. Maybe close your eyes or something. (Yes, Master.) Don’t make noise or maybe don’t move. But that is not the real thing. (Right.) It’s not the main point. The main point is the Master's instruction, Master Power. (Yes.) And Master doesn’t have to be there. But there must be a physical presence. (Yes, Master.) Just to help them to sit straight or something like that. (Right. Yes.) Make sure they sit in a better position. Something like that. That’s all. And the power is from the Master. (Yes, Master. Understand.) […] They report to me first who wants to be initiated and nowadays it’s easier. (Right.) […]

Every time there is an initiation, they send me a list. (Yes. Right.) They ask for permission and whom I accept and whom I don't accept. (Yes, Master.) There are certain conditions and regulations, according to Heavens and the Universe. You have to know some of those things as well before you can give initiation.

First, you have to ask Master’s permission because that’s the connection. (Yes.) Also, the rule with the Master in this physical world is that people don’t ask, you cannot give. (Ah, OK.) Otherwise, I just give to everybody. (Yes. That’s right.) Then, I have a lot, a lot of disciples. (Yes.) No, they have to ask. (Yes, Master.) Not because the Master is difficult, but the rule is like that. (Ah, OK.) […]

(If the person who did the Quan Yin initiation instructions was not approved by Master, what would happen to him or her? […] )

If somebody just did it anyway, oh, this is a very terrible burden for that person. Without the Master’s permission, you should not give initiation. At the time of initiation, we have told them to keep it to themselves only. (Yes. Right.) But if you somehow just don’t listen to that, and went out of your way because of your ego, because of your low level, and give initiation to other people, then you will harm both yourself and the initiated. Because your level is too low. (Yes. Right.) You claim yourself to be a Master and you are not. (Right.) To give initiation, you have to be a Master, (Yes, Master.) designated by God and told by God or angels to go do it. (Yes, Master.) For sure all that. Or you rely on the Master Power by Master’s permission and instruction to do it, because it’s far away and it’s more convenient for other people. […]

So, suppose somebody just went anyway and gave initiation behind the Master’s back, (Yes.) then that person will be dragged to hell, (Oh, wow.) because he didn’t reach the level of the Master yet, and went out all independent and didn’t have permission. (Right. Yes, Master.) In this world, the rules are strict. (Yes.) That’s why even the Master comes down, He has to humbly tell people and explaining again and again patiently, humbly, and not go out around and boasting, “Here I am, a big shot in Heaven,” whatever. Maybe even say that, like Jesus said, “I am my Father’s Son.” But it’s not with the attitude of arrogance. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. And it is not what you say about yourself, it is your knowledge that you are that, and you tell the truth without arrogance. (Right. Yes.)

It happened. It happened in my lifetime also, that somebody thinks that just recite the instruction (Yes.) and walking up and down like the Master does, touching people’s heads, and that is about it. There’s a vast treasure behind it that he did not learn. (Yes.) It’s not just that. And even the one that the Master assigned to give verbal initiation instruction, he still does not know all that. (Right.) That’s why he has to rely on the Master Power, to connect with the Master Power in order for the Master to teach more. (That's right.) [...] So, it is not a method. We just temporarily, in the worldly language, we have to say it’s “Quan Yin Method,” but it is not the method that is the enlightening power. It is the Master Power. The Master has to be very high level in order to bear all the power from Heavens in the physical body. (Yes.) […]

Also, it’s not honesty. (Yes.) You claim that you’re a Master, but you are not. You don’t have any power. So his own karma falls back on him, and he also takes on other people’s karma by initiation, then all of them go to hell. There’s no help. (Yes.) It’s disconnected. […]

Concerning the people who give initiation without Master’s permission, I saw it coming that they got sick and they were bothering me a lot inside, praying for forgiveness and all that. And even writing to the Âu Lạc (Vietnam) group, asking for forgiveness. Master can forgive. That’s easy. Just if the river forgives that streamlet, little puddle of water is already out, cut off. It cuts itself off from the big river, so it’s not united. So, the river forgives or does not forgive, that little water puddle or little streamlet still needs to go its course because it’s too little, too weak. And then, it has to be dirty or murky according to the surrounding of wherever that little waterlet or streamlet goes. And it won’t be reunited with the ocean.

And if that streamlet wants to reunite with the ocean again, then it has to start all over again; has to evaporate, become the cloud, and then become the rain and then go back to the Earth again. And if this rain group is lucky enough to fall into the big river and then go to the ocean with the river currents. If not lucky, this group of rainwater will fall on rock, on a desert, on a thorny bush and just go to waste, or be sucked into the Earth, and then have to start all over again. It takes a long, long time, like from A-B-C again. (Yes, Master.) If that little bit of water can even start all over again, or just disappear into the dry, thirsty-sucking desert, and gone forever.

You see these people, if they dare do that behind Master’s back and proclaim Master’s teachings and Master’s method is his own, then his ego must be very big, (Yes, for sure.) ambition must be very vast. (True.) Because it’s so easy, why not ask the Master, “Can I give initiation?” (Yes. Yes, Master.) And then just give the names of the people. If he is good, I’ll let him. (Yes. Right.) If not, I’ll send somebody else. Why sneak behind Master’s back like that? (Yes. Not good.) So the ego and the low level, and that’s what gives the maya power over them, whoever. (Yes.) […]

Concerning the two people that have given initiation without first telling Master, I kept warning them many times already, and they just dived deeper into their ignorance and arrogance and greed. Last time I warned them, I said they have to repent (so) at least their life will be saved. Did not listen. And then, not long after, they got sick, and then on the sickbed, they repented. Kind of late. (Right. Yes, Master.) […]

So, if you really want to practice, you have to be serious so that the Master Power can lift you up, not lingering around some dark corner or low-level area just to get praise from other people, or that they will give you something. It doesn’t have to be money. Ego and ambition, lowly desire take many forms. All of you guys, be careful with the trap of maya. It might look good for a while, but in the long run, it brings your ruin. (Yes, Master.)

Just remember well, always remember God. Always render your service to others in the name of God. Because we are nothing; we came with nothing, and we will go with nothing. We cannot claim credit for anything, let alone taking spiritual knowledge from someone else and claiming it as your own. This is really shameless. This is really too low life. (Yes, right.) I hope all of you listen. It’s serious. It’s not a game that you can play. Even just like, if you don’t know how to handle electricity, then just don’t try; it’s dangerous for you. […]

Spiritual practice, aspiration, yearning is not a game for you to take in your hand for profit in any way. Profit doesn’t have to be money. It’s truly very ugly. Hope none of you will try that kind of stupid game.

And harmful also, not just stupid. Harmful to yourself, harmful to others, because you don’t have enough power to even cleanse yourself. Because you don’t practice well, you go in the wrong direction, in the worldly direction, in the name of charity or whatever not, just for your self-interest. And then, you take other people’s karma and associate with the world people at random, not choosing, and their karma rubs off on you as well. Your karma is enough to drag you down. Now you take more luggage from other people.

(I understand why the person who gave the initiation without approval goes to hell, but how about the people who receive the initiation? Seems like they may have also been maybe pure at heart to get the initiation. Why do they need to go to hell?)

Because their karma is not clean. (Yes.) And because he connects with the hell person. They are connected with this hell master. They believe in him. (Yes.) So, where the master goes, disciples go. […]

You see, […] if anybody can be a Master, (Yes.) then no need just one Jesus, (Ah, that’s right.) and no need just one Buddha, no need just one Guru Nanak, no need just one Lord Mahavira, no need just one Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). (Yes, Master.) No need all the Hindu Masters, like Patanjali. For example, like that. Because They are commissioned by God. (Yes.) Krishna was with God inside. (Yes, Master. Understand.) Although outside, He looked the same like us. Jesus didn’t look any different from other people. Except when you have the Third Eye open, then you can see Light around Him all the time. Same with Kabir, or other Masters. (Yes, Master.)

They have this power. They can house it. Just like a big cable (Yes. Oh, yes.) connected with a big electric grid, central grid. Otherwise, just any cable not connected, it looks the same but it has nothing. (Right.) No power.

And the Master, if She/He has chosen somebody to spread the teaching, then he’s chosen. He will choose His representative. (Yes.) But they are with Them all the time. […]

Host: Most Loving Master, our immense appreciation for Your giving us the greatest gift of all – that of initiation. Your most significant and unconditional service to humankind, as that of all other great Masters, is, and has been, the unfathomable source of life for our world. We are in awe and pray that more and more people will receive this Heavenly treasure and reunite with God within. Then, we shall live in paradise on Earth, knowing true happiness in humility and obedience before the Almighty. May Cherished Master always be in vigorous health and enjoy utmost safety, supported by all Celestial Godses.

To hear Supreme Master Ching Hai’s response to Pyongyang’s views on President Trump’s efforts to bring peace to the Korean Peninsula, as well as more of Her insights on various other important topics, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples on Saturday, November 20, for the full broadcast of this phone call.

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