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Peanuts Wellbeing Sanctuary’s Vegan Recipe – Mick’s Roti Salad Surprise

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Mick Still and Tracey Keenan are the vegan co-founders of Peanuts Wellbeing Sanctuary, a Shining World Compassion Award recipient of a 10,000 US$ donation from our beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai in 2020. Today it is our pleasure to have Mick Still and Tracey Keenan demonstrate how to make Mick’s Roti Salad Surprise, a vegan dish loaded with healthy vibes, balanced nutrients, and palatable taste.

"The ingredients that we use to make my Roti Salad Surprise is lettuce, some corn, cucumber, tomatoes. For the sauce, some (vegan) Worcestershire sauce, some basil, oregano, and as dressing I use a thick mint sauce. Obviously, the roti bread itself, and a wonderful vegan vegetable patty (burgers), and a little bit of coriander just for a little zing in the salad.

Now we’re going to cook the (vegan) burgers up. They go into the oven at 220ºC and cook for about 20 minutes. There’s our two (vegan patties) ready for the oven. So now we’re going to start prepping up the salad for the Roti Salad Surprise. We’ll start with the lettuce first. I just shred it in nice, thin layers so that it’s nice and spread out. The cucumber and the tomato especially need to be diced up into say corn kernel size pieces, so that it helps blend and mix all the salad together. I’m going to move onto the tomatoes. By cutting it multiple (times), it’s easier to get it into those smaller diced pieces that you’re after. Add some corn kernels, about half a cup. I’m just going to add a little bit extra to this, coriander (cilantro), and it gives it a really nice little zing on the tongue. And there’s the salad.

Now, we’re going to move on to the sauce base of our Roti Salad Surprise. And we’re just going to dice some tomatoes up. We’re going to slip this into the pot here. And then just pop the burner on, about medium heat, just to let it start sizzling away. Now, we’ll add the (vegan) Worcestershire sauce. And that’ll darken the color down a bit, but start getting the flavors of the tomato, the Worcestershire to start working. Now I’ll add the oregano. That’s the basil. We just start to see how the flavors and colors just sort of start coming together in the pot. So, we’ll just leave that on the simmer.

Now we’re going to start cooking the roti bread up. It comes straight out of the freezer and it gets cooked frozen. And once your pan gets nice and hot, then you drop the roti bread in it and it gets cooked on either side for about 60 seconds. And that’s our first roti bread ready to go. Tracey will pop the second one in, which is the top of the Roti Salad Surprise. Now this is the time you add the mint sauce just before the salad gets dressed up. Give it a nice drizzle. Sitting nice and flat and ready for the top roti bread. And then you just give it a drizzle of the sauce that you made earlier. And then you can just dress it off with a bit of mint leaf for that little extra wow from your friends. That’s Mick’s Roti Salad Surprise."

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