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The Cute and Fluffy American Mink

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Superb viewers, my name is Åsmund. I’m a wild vegan American mink from picturesque Denmark. Native to North America, we are considered clan animals and a symbol of luck by some Native American groups. We can be found not only in North and South America but also in portions of Europe.

We live close to streams, lakes or ponds, as we have a semi-aquatic lifestyle. Our dens usually are burrows in riverbanks, inside hollow trees or logs, or holes under tree roots or rock crevices. Nearby dense vegetation acts as additional cover for us. Sometimes we dig our own burrows, but we often utilize abandoned burrows of other species like muskrats, badgers, and skunks. We’re not picky about our home; as long as it’s near water, we are contented. Besides swimming, we also have other amazing physical capabilities. We are good tree climbers, and we can even jump from tree to tree! In addition, we can run at up to 6.5 kilometers per hour on land.

Did you know that we minks are the most common animal industrially raised for our fur? Foxes, chinchillas, and raccoon dogs are also abused in this way. After we were captured and brought to many countries to be bred for our fur, many of us, like my ancestors, escaped from those awful fur factories into the wild, and that is why we live in so many different parts of the world now. In fur factories, our lives are short-lived. All I can say is that there is no such thing as humanely taking the life of a sentient being.

Fur is unfashionable and cruel. It’s time to stop the fur industry. You can be beautiful without causing any animal suffering! The world-renowned humanitarian, artist and spiritual Master, Supreme Master Ching Hai, has designed a vegan fur line that is so pretty. Why do you cause us animals to suffer just for our fur? The hottest trend in fashion right now is going fur-free!

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