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Telemedicine: A New Frontier of Veterinary Services

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Now, in this Internet era, telemedicine has developed with lightning speed and gained great traction among younger generations for being convenient, cost-effective, less invasive and comforting. The COVID-19 pandemic has further transformed the conventional on-site vet visit. During the coronavirus pandemic, veterinarians have been asked to limit in-person contact. Thanks to the robustness of today’s technology, veterinarians can offer comprehensive services that include: appointment scheduling, performing consultations, making diagnoses, prescribing treatments, and writing prescriptions – all done remotely. Despite the inability to perform an actual physical exam, veterinary telemedicine offers several important benefits over in-clinic appointments.

Oftentimes companion animals are anxious and distressed upon entering an animal hospital or clinic, which could lead to inaccurate vital sign readings. With a patient-monitor app or tracking collar, health metrics can be measured at home more effectively and accurately, given the animal patient’s normal behavior and emotional state. Moreover, telemedicine can alert a vet to symptoms that may not be evident during a physical examination. Vetrax is for dogs and monitors shaking, scratching, running, walking, resting, sleeping and sleep quality. Early intervention can certainly lead to improving an animal companion’s health condition.

Telemedicine is especially beneficial for feline companions. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association sourcebook, cats are brought to the vet for routine wellness checks about half as frequently as dogs. One primary reason is that cats are good at hiding their illnesses. Since life’s fast-paced tempo may leave little time for busy caregivers to make routine checks, a smart litter box called Lulupet can help detect whether the poo is abnormal using a built-in camera, infrared sensor, and AI chips.

The era of veterinary telemedicine is upon us; the service is a brilliant complement to conventional in-clinic appointments. With the incorporation of new technologies, like wearable sensors and other devices, veterinary telemedicine will further contribute to companion animals’ well-being in the years to come.

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