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Socrates (vegetarian): The Influential Father of Western Philosophy

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Venerated enlightened Master Socrates was one of the greatest ancient Greek philosophers. He showed how discussion and debate could help people understand difficult issues, issues that were superficially political, but deep down were moral questions about the meaning of life and goodness. One of his famous pupils was the venerated enlightened Master and philosopher Plato.

Socrates was unlike many philosophers of His time because he focused on ethics and human behavior, rather than on the physical world. He taught that happiness comes from leading a moral life rather than through material possessions. He also encouraged people to pursue goodness and justice rather than power and wealth.

Socrates’s method of teaching became known as the Socratic method. The Socratic method involves posing a series of questions to help a person or group determine for themselves their core beliefs and the extent of their knowledge. It was designed to force an individual to examine their own views and the validity of such beliefs. The goal of the Socratic method is to gain understanding through concepts that are certain and to help individuals achieve genuine self-knowledge.

Socrates strongly believed in the immortality of the soul. He emphasized that a human being must care for his soul more than his wealth, reputation, and body. He believed that His mission was to check His fellow citizens and persuade them to pay attention to the health of their souls. He thought that the soul is far more precious than the body or material goods.

According to Plato, on his last day, Socrates appeared “happy in manner and words, as He died nobly and without fear.” In tribute to Socrates, Plato described Him as, “A man, I think, who was, of all men of His time, the wisest and best, and most just.” Even today, 2,500 years later, Socrates is remembered as one of the greatest Teachers of all time.

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