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Animals Rescuing Others: Heroes of Compassion

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Delightful viewers, I am Alea, a vegan tuxedo cat from the beautiful and pristine Gimmelwald in the Alps of Switzerland. We animals have deep love for all beings. Animals will go to great lengths to aid a human or animal friend who is in danger. Homer, a black cat, sadly lost both of his eyes due to an eye infection when he was about two weeks old. Gwen Cooper of the United States adopted him and named him Homer after the famous ancient Greek blind poet. Homer lived happily with Gwen and had always been friendly and easygoing until one night, Gwen woke up and found a burglar had broken into her home. Upon sensing the dire threat Gwen was facing, Homer, the usually good-natured cat, tried his best to defend Gwen. He threw his little body towards the intruder, scratching and biting him until he ran out of the house. Who would have imagined a small blind cat could save a person from a dangerous situation! Canines love to help and safeguard others, including humans. This story happens in Batumi, Georgia. When kindergarten children use a crosswalk on their way to school, a neighborhood stray dog jumps into action to help. The canine walks beside the students and barks at cars, telling them to yield to the kids. The self-appointed guard walks all the way across the street until he is sure that the youngsters are safe. We animals would do anything for those who are in danger, be it humans or animals. A dog found a poor cat almost drowning in a lake and immediately jumped into the cold water and swam toward the feline. He let the cat tightly hold his back and took him to shore. Bravo, hero dog! Your extraordinary act of courage makes us feel so proud of you! Animals cherish and respect life just like you do. We love, look out for one another, protect the weak, and are ready to offer help to others in need. This is done out of our inherent good nature and for no reward. We sincerely hope for peace and love among all beings!
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