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A Return to Modest Fashion with Ms. Tasleem Bulbulia

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Ms. Tasleem Bulbulia is a successful fashion designer from South Africa and founder of “Bulbulia Threads,” a leading modest fashion brand. Modest fashion is a new clothing trend that strives to dress women stylishly and elegantly without the need to be revealing. “I grew up in South Africa, a western country, as a Muslim woman. And when I was growing up, we always just dressed up more modestly than other people. But we still dressed very fashionably. Modest fashion has been around for a millennia, forever. I mean, if you look at any of the old biblical stories, Mother Mary, so whether they’re nuns or Jewish women or Muslim women, they’ve always covered up, modesty. And for me modesty is not only about covering up because modestly goes beyond that. So modesty is a lifestyle.” Ms. Tasleem uses her design talents to spread the Islam message of peace and love, a message that resonates across borders with all races and religions. She finds ways to incorporate this important motif into all her designs. “This is my peace print. It’s in Arabic’s font and it has obviously a peace sign and what it says is 'peace and love.' And the reason I chose it as a motif, the word Islam means peace and submission and love. Because really Islam is a religion of love. And so I just want to leave everybody with a positive message, and that’s why I constantly wear my peace sign, peace out, peace in. And really it’s just to live life peacefully and to be at peace with all living creatures, be it the earth, the food we eat, the animals, the people we live with, with everybody, you need to be peaceful. I mean that’s really what we have been put on earth for.” We thank Ms. Tasleem Bulbulia for pioneering the modest fashion trend. May your inspiring designs continue to empower women with beauty, elegance and self-confidence.
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