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His Excellency Ben Ammi Ben-Israel (vegan): Leading the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem

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His Excellency Ben Ammi Ben-Israel was the beloved founder and anointed spiritual leader of the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem. After having a divine vision in the 1960s, he led a group of African American Hebrew Israelites on a pilgrimage, eventually settling in Israel, “the Promised Land.” In Dimona, Israel, he established the now-thriving Kingdom of God (or Yah) spiritual community. Driven by inner revelations and guided by biblical scripture, he immersed his followers in the compassionate ways of God. Throughout his lifetime, His Excellency Ben Ammi Ben-Israel lectured extensively and authored many books discussing different topics, from biblical prophecy to a healthy lifestyle, emphasizing non-violence and veganism as fundamental to a successful spiritual life. In February 1966, His Excellency Ben Ammi experienced a miraculous vision that would set in motion the beginning of a new life – physically and spiritually – for himself and fellow African Hebrew Israelites. One evening, as I lay there on my bed, and the Angel Gabriel came [and said]: “Bring the Word of God,” that it was time to start the journey back to the Promised Land and to establish the long-awaited Kingdom of God. And the year of the exodus would be 1967. In 1967, the first group of 350 African Hebrew Israelites left the United States and initially resettled in Liberia. His Excellency Ben Ammi and his followers endured two years in the harsh and challenging environment there, undergoing many trials and tests of faith. It was viewed as a cleansing period for the group. During this time, community members planned to have a ritual slaughter of a goat as per secular tradition. His Excellency Ben Ammi stopped the cruel practice from taking place, explaining that this was not the kind of sacrifice that God wanted, but rather it was their devotion. He implored them to be repentant in their hearts and expel their old unclean habits. In 1969, His Excellency Ben Ammi and his followers began to settle in Israel. The group founded the now-famed African Hebrew settlement at the city of Dimona, in the Negev Desert in central Israel. At Dimona, Israel, His Excellency Ben Ammi established the Kingdom of God, or Yah, settlement. The settlement is self-sufficient and run in accordance with the spiritual principles inspired by Genesis.
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