Vegetarianism in Religion

The Prohibition of Animal Flesh Eating


“If you eat meat and want to practice spiritually, your spirit is contaminated with low level energy and becomes heavy; thereby it cannot rise above the middle realm.”
~ The True Teaching of Great Vehicle
“Those who eat meat break the Five Constant Virtues.
1- Killing animals to satisfy our taste is inhumane.
2- Killing animals, causing separation in their family in order to feed our relatives is unrighteous.
3- Making befouled food offerings from animal meat to the deities is disrespectful.
4- Praising the eating of animals as if it is God’s gift so as to justify the killing of animals is unwise.
5- Luring and tricking the animals into the snare is untruthful……
Worldly people must keep the five constant virtues; breaking these intentionally is to break the moral principles. EATING VEGETARIAN [VEGAN] IS THE BEST WAY TO NURTURE OUR BODY.”
Vegetarian means an animal-free diet.
~Union of the Three Religions
“... The most important thing is to stop killing... because animals also have souls and understand like humans. If out of ignorance, we end an animal’s life, then we incur a very terrible hatred and they will wait of us to compensate for their life... Because IF WE KILL AND EAT THEM, THEN WE OWE THEM A BLOOD DEBT. The more we owe, the more we must repay..., and if this demand for repayment continues, when can we be free to return to the Heavenly Kingdom?”
~ Keeping the Ten Precepts, Teachings of the Saints
“Question: Please explain how vegetarianism [veganism] and eating meat influence our body? Answer: “... because animals’ meat mostly contains viruses, so when one eats the meat the virus will follow in and destroy our body. Also, MEAT PRODUCES TOXIC GAS, thereby making our body tired and sluggish. Those are the detriment to the material body. As for the mind, MEAT CONTAINS ANIMALS’ TRAITS, THUS MAKING OUR MIND DENSE, and is especially harmful for the six senses, which is our Spirit. If you eat vegetarian, [vegan], you won’t be harmed by the virus and exhausted by the toxic gas.”
Vegetarian means an animal-free diet.
~ Law of the Three Bodies, Teachings of the Saints
“...Ten days of vegetarianism [veganism] will CREATE SOME BENEVOLENCE in our nature. Due to the lessening of the animal’s flesh and blood, OUR HEART IS GENTLER somewhat.


One month of vegetarianism [veganism] will acquire blessings and attract the protection of deities, thus one may avoid many disasters. With one year of vegetarianism [veganism], one will acquire a lot of merits due to the reducing of the much bad deeds… and thereby attract the blessings naturally.


With ten years of vegetarianism [veganism], radiant light will emanate from the top of one’s head, and the deities and guardian angels who always accompany the light will protect one from all catastrophes…


Vegetarianism means an animal-free diet.
~ On Vegetarianism [Veganism], Teachings of the Saints
“…Please do not harm animals. The act of “killing” will reduce your merit. Although they are small, they are given the same chance of evolution. See there, … the animals know how to live in harmony. Their sentient nature knows the familial bond. Who has the heart to condone the survival of the fittest? Of what use is satisfying your taste if your heart lacks compassion?”
~ True Teachings of the Three Vehicles
“... If you want to end all bad karma, you must end the killing. Because the law of Heaven is: a life destroyed must be compensated. If now we want to liberate from this earthly life, we should not owe the debt of blood.”
Karma means retribution.
~ Keeping the Ten Precepts, Teachings of the Saints
“As for the small animals, though very tiny they can crawl and move, they also fear death and have a soul. Thus, killing them also diminishes our merits, and sometimes we even have to compensate with our life. Therefore, for the worldly people, even though they don’t practice spiritually, they should avoid killing as much as possible to minimize the bad retribution... When making offering annually to our ancestors to pay tribute to them, if we kill pigs, cows, chickens, ducks... it’s our deceased ancestors who would have to bear all this bad karma…”
Karma means retribution.
~ Keeping the Ten Precepts, Teachings of the Saints
“All beings are created in the world by the Compassionate One, thus all of creation are one. The life-cherishing aspect of the Compassionate One is therefore limitless. As we are one species in the creation, we’re also bound by that law which cherishes life. Therefore, if we destroy a life, then the Compassionate One will feel hurt, and if it pains the Compassionate One, then Heaven and Earth will be in great distress. Think about it, would any human being dare go against Heaven’s law?


So, it’s clear to us: We must extend our compassion and love even to the smallest and weakest beings, first, to avoid the law of retribution, as Heaven’s law spares none. Although our worldly eyes cannot perceive it, no amount of good and bad deeds can escape Heaven.”
~ Extend Compassion to All Beings, Teachings of the Saints
“If you kill any living being, you shall be punished; no one knows whether a living being may have been an Immortal or a Buddha reincarnating to Earth. As I have said, all life is Me. To destroy life is to attempt to destroy Me. And it is not easy to destroy Me. Teach that to human beings.”
~ The Collection of Divine Messages, Volume 2
“Meat-eating creates difficulties for one practicing meditation, since it prevents the practitioner from effectively resolving complications which arise from meditation.


Even if you have no such complications, an impure physical body will create an impure spiritual body, which cannot conduct electricity well. As a result, it will then be struck by lightning and be destroyed in the atmosphere.


Even if the impure spiritual body is wise and remains on the earth to avoid the lightning, it will remain an Immortal and never proceed to Buddhahood.


This is why I recommend the practice of complete vegetarianism before attempting meditation.”
~ The Collection of Divine Messages, Volume 1

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“You see, eating animal flesh, meaning we are decreasing our love in our being, from our structure, holy structure. We are born from God, we were holy, we were true humans, we were true children of God. But if we eat the animals, then the mixing of blood type and genetic code between human and animals makes us lose our status as the crown of creation, as true humans. As pure humans, the children of God, we are under direct connection with the Light, with the mighty Master power of the commanding center of the universe. We have absolute command over all under Heaven, because we were pure, and we’re children of God. But as we keep putting different elements into our beings, even physically, it will affect our spiritual structure as well. Because we became mix-ling, mixing structure, not pure, we became hybrid, vulnerable to attack from the dark force, because we are not pure anymore. Thus, this kind of mix-ling creature could be annihilated, because this mix-ling creature sends very confusing energy, confusing message into the center of the universe. It’s not recognized as pure human. So we could be eliminated, out of the physical realm, to be recycled, to be screened out for pureness again and to be reused. But this process can be very painful and torturous, over long periods, could be hundreds of thousands of Earth years.”


“Everybody knows that vegetarian (vegan) diet is good for health and to save the planet. They will be awakening their own great, compassionate, loving self-nature. And then their level of consciousness will rise up automatically. And they will understand more than they ever did. And they will be closer to Heaven than what they are right now.”

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