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Empowering with Tranquillity: “Create Calm at Work Create Calm in Life”

Език:English,Malay(Bahasa Melayu)
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The book is a very practical book. And what it’s about is it looks at different factors of work. And so it gives insights onto how to manage yourself and improve yourself from that perspective. It also goes into one of the most challenging facets of work that a lot of people tell me, and that’s interacting with other staff members, whether it’s colleagues or whether it’s managers. It’s really about empowering yourself. So it also gives you strategies and gives you research about why these strategies might work on creating calm within, things like connecting with nature, things like meditation.

Eve’s key approach to creating a foundation of health is a vegan whole foods diet, which encompasses fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds, and excludes all animal products, as well as refined sugar and vegetable oils.

Eve attributes much of her ability to manage stress to her spiritual practice, which includes regular meditation.

The subtitle of Eve’s book is: “Empower Yourself! Overcome Stress, Frustration, Feelings of Overwhelm and Lack of Inspiration. In this spirit,” Eve left us with some empowering words for people who wish to attain more peace and serenity. “If you really want to create lasting changes, if you want to create calm, put some of the onus back onto yourself, and do something. Take a course, read a book, subscribe to a positive newsletter, watch a positive television station like Supreme Master Television. But do something. Don’t be limited in thinking that you can’t achieve it. Because when your intention is pure, and you’re really wanting to do something for the benefit of yourself and those around you, things will fall into place.”

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