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Celebrating the Fifth Anniversary of Supreme Master Television - A Positive Network of Peace, Love, and Veganism

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Today, October 3rd marks a five-year milestone for Supreme Master Television. Up to this date, our channel has been airing continuously 24/7 for 1,826 days or 262 weeks, presenting daily relevant news from around the world plus more than 7,300 shows covering a wide range of topics, including the spiritual teachings of Supreme Master Ching Hai and other Enlightened Masters, Ancient Predictions about Our Planet, modern technologies, world cultures, the arts, healthy vegan living, and much more.

Our broadcasting system has expanded globally from a handful of online websites, social media platforms, and phone apps to multiple satellite and cable TV channels, making it accessible to almost anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time.

During the past year, as humanity has faced imminent danger from the pandemic, climate change, civil unrest, and the unjust war waged by Russia against Ukraine, Supreme Master Television has offered a powerful beacon of positivity with a healing effect, magnified by frequent Fly-in News broadcasts featuring timely insights and advice by our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai to worldly people and leaders on pressing issues of the day.

“But believe me, your work is very powerful. You are helping the whole world, and not just the world but the Heavens, lower Heavens, and hell as well. And all the animal-people are thanking you, and the hell people are thanking you, Heavens are thanking you, even though not all of you might see it.”

“Our television is very attractive − very truthful, very colorful, very beautiful. And very useful, very helpful. So, if anybody watches it, they are doing themselves a great service. Apart from being more knowledgeable, they get some blessing, for their own benefit.” “As I count it now, three billion people have watched it. Roughly… Three billion. That means almost half of the world’s population. I learned it from inside. I know it from inside.”

“All of you, the so-called disciples that help this Supreme Master TV program to broadcast the truth, fairness, the true news to the whole world and true opinions. Not for profit, not for fame, nothing. We’re doing it because we want to help the world. We want to balance all the news instead of fake news or PR, public relations, just for gain.”

“Imagine how many people you save, how many animal-people you save, at least uplift, because of our job, our work on Supreme Master Television. At least their souls are uplifted a little bit more than before. And many animal-people are saved from horrible cruelty. And maybe war would be minimized or gone. Imagine all that and be happy that you can contribute. God love. And I love you, too.”
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