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Seeing Master in “Blood and Tears” Fully Safeguard Peace Across the Taiwan (Formosa) Strait.

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Master Sacrificed Herself to Safeguard Taiwan (Formosa) 9:30 AM, August 3, 2022. Prostration to the Most Venerable Supreme Master Ching Hai, Caring and concerned about the situation across the Taiwan (Formosa) Strait, on August 2, Supreme Master Ching Hai sent messages one after another to instruct us, Her disciples, to diligently pray and meditate to protect peace across the Taiwan (Formosa) Strait.

During my meditation on the morning of August 3, I ascended to space and saw from an inner vision that from the horizon far away, there rose two colorful circles of dawn light, overlapping each other, so gentle and beautiful, and containing the energy of peace. Master’s Light manifestation body appeared in the form of a kind and beautiful Mother, lovingly holding a huge spherical glass lid to shield the entire Taiwan (Formosa).

After that, Master appeared to be very debilitated. Looking more closely, I saw that Master’s whole body was wounded and pierced by missiles, with nearly a thousand bullet holes, in a bloody mess. In the invisible Asura world, Master sacrificed Her own body to block these missiles to protect Her disciples and people in Taiwan (Formosa) and keep them unharmed. All wars break out first in the Asura world and then materialize in the physical world. Preventing wars from happening must be done in the Asura world, or it shall be more difficult to deal with when the wars break out in the physical world.

The Divine blood was dripping down from Master’s body, drop by drop. The entire protective shield was dyed bright red. Master’s body collapsed to the ground. I wanted to approach and help Master, but was not allowed to. There’s no way I could reach Master’s body. Master feebly raised and waved Her hand, hinting to me not to bother. Heavenly beings all sadly came to sprinkle flowers on Master’s body as a token of condolence, for Master has sacrificed Her body countless times for the safety of the Earth and Taiwan (Formosa). Although sentient beings cannot see it, these things appear very clearly to Heaven.

At that time, I looked down from space, and saw that three females suddenly soared up from Master’s Light manifestation body! One of them was Hua Mulan, a legendary Chinese woman warrior who joined the army in her father’s place, the other two being Trưng Trắc and Trưng Nhị, two sister generals who defended their nation and people in ancient Âu Lạc (Vietnam). All three were Master’s incarnations in Her previous lives. The three separated from one another, rose high into the sky and integrated into a giant and mighty female General of Justice, wearing a heavy helmet and armor of old times. Her red cloak behind Her shoulder fluttered in the air, as She held a huge silver sword to safeguard the harmony across the Taiwan (Formosa) Strait, and keep devils from instigating hostility between people on both sides of the Strait.

The face of the female General was wet with tears of grief for the ignorance of beings on Earth. Those tears dripped on the protective shield that Master had made for Taiwan (Formosa), blending with Master’s Divine blood into a blurred mass. All these symbolized Master using Her own “blood and tears” to safeguard the peace of the Taiwan (Formosa) Strait with all Her might!

The cause of war comes from the karma of killing and eating animal-people. If we want peace, we must change to the vegan diet totally to prevent the retribution of killing karma from returning to us. If people don’t change their meat eating habit and violent behavior, but only rely on Supreme Master Ching Hai’s endless sacrifices to save them from wars and calamities, it is a blasphemy against God’s Mercy. They will be deserted by the Universe and not be forgiven by hell. Sow the seeds of mercy, and you’ll definitely reap the fruit of peace.

Respectfully I present my above inner vision to my Great Master – Supreme Master Ching Hai! Kowtowing with endless gratitude, Your disciple, Sheng-Tsan from Taiwan (Formosa)

Perceiving Sheng-Tsan, We are lost for words upon learning about the untold sufferings endured by our Benevolent Master. Our world is eternally indebted to the Merciful God Almighty for blessing us with a True Savior to shield the ignorant from peril. Thank You, Master, for Your boundless Love and Grace. May peace-loving Taiwan (Formosa) be forever safeguarded by the Angels.

A warm reply from Master awaits you: “Tender-hearted Sheng-Tsan, it deeply pains me to hear the agonizing cries of the sentient beings of this planet. I really feel sorry for humans as they are unable to see through the veil that obstructs them from perceiving the Truth. There is only so much that Heavens can do for the time being to lessen the karmic retribution; however, everything will be in vain if people continue to eat meat. Diligent meditation is the key to an enlightened nation. May Quan Yin Bodhisattva guide the brotherly people of both Taiwan (Formosa) and China to peaceful relations and benevolent spiritual living. May peace always prevail.” 

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