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Positive Changes in Countries Part 36 of a Multi-part Series – Loyal Governments, Loyal Citizens: Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg

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The Principality of Liechtenstein is a double-landlocked European country in the Alps between Switzerland and Austria. And in 2015 and 2016 they won the first place SolarSuperState Prize for having the world’s biggest cumulative installed solar photovoltaic power per capita. Liechtenstein also wisely promotes organic agriculture, a sustainable and advantageous practice for food production. Organic Advisory Service Liechtenstein was launched in 1991. In 2009, the government introduced an agriculture law to compensate farmers for transitioning from traditional to organic farming.

And it’s encouraging to see that the vegan trend is accelerating in Liechtenstein. According to the results of a survey by Swissveg announced on the 2021 World Vegan Day, the number of vegans in the Principality of Liechtenstein doubled since 2020, particularly among young college graduates and women. In addition, 52.8% of the survey participants indicate they are consuming plant-based meat regularly. Many restaurants in Liechtenstein now have vegan options on their menus.

With over 3,000 lakes, numerous rivers, and 33% forest coverage, Lithuania is known for its picturesque landscapes. Committed to reaching carbon neutrality by 2050, Lithuania’s new energy policy prioritizes energy efficiency improvement and encourages investment in off-shore and on-shore wind power development, as well as in clean energy technology innovations. In 2016, Lithuania launched a nationwide deposit-return- refund program and provided 1,000 machines to large retailers to collect plastic packaging for recycling. Today, according to HappyCow.net, there are 120 vegan friendly restaurants in Lithuania, including 31 vegan and vegetarian restaurants.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a small landlocked European country bordered by Belgium, Germany, and France. In June 2018, Luxembourg adopted a new animal-people law to better protect, and guarantee the dignity, safety and welfare of animal-people. Anyone who kills an animal-person unnecessarily will be subjected to a maximum of 3 years imprisonment or €200,000 fine. In October 2018, Luxembourg officially banned the raising of animal-people for fur, making it the 10th EU country to do so.
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