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A poem for Dearest Master: A Thousand Sides of God

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A poem for Dearest Master: A Thousand Sides of God

God is ever so loving Hiers Love is ever shining so bright and warm Like a warm spring sun in the flowery meadows It fills up even the darkest corners of our lonely, cold hearts

It gives life to everything God favors the meek Hes lifts the meek up to the Highest Heavens And gives strength to the weary For in Hiers eyes, they are the Beloved God always sees the best in everything In ugly and humble things

Where no one else bothers to look But God’s eyes always see beauty in everything

God has brilliant humor Hes is the best comedian in the Universe Hes loves to make jokes Hiers laughs are hearty Like that of a pure child

God is the fountain of everlasting joy Hiers presence fills our hearts with calm bliss Hiers voice is a comforting lullaby Hes lights the whole room as Hes walks in And all faces turn into the happiest smiles

God is ever so caring and considerate Hes is good to all And Hiers mercies are over all Hiers works Hes takes care of even the smallest insect-people Hes sees you when no one else sees you

God is the best lover The most loving mother The true companion for life Hes is the only one who will stay by your side Every step of the way until your long night comes Hiers Love no one can ever fathom For Its depth is more than the deepest oceans And only in Hiers Ocean of Love our spirits shall live forever as one.

P.S. I Love You, Master. I miss You. To Supreme Master TV team: Thank you for always being there. You bring me such joy. Kartika from Indonesia

Creative Kartika, We could not have said it better ourselves! Your description of Master is both accurate and beautiful.

It is our joy to send you Master’s reply: “Faithful Kartika, your beautiful poem does feel like a ‘warm spring sun in the flowery meadows.’ I enjoyed reading it very much! Our world is at a point where turning back to God is the only way for humans to survive into the Golden Age. Let us pray that people soon change their behavior back to the original, all-loving nature that God created. May Hes send you and spirited Indonesia a spring shower of Heavenly Blessings!” 

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