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Meditate to Help Your Country and the World, October 16, 2021

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Host: On Saturday, October 16, during Her ongoing meditation retreat for the world, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai graciously took some time to send a loving message to our Association members who had gathered in the New Land Ashram in Taiwan, also known as Formosa, for group meditation. Master expressed Her deep affection and gratitude for the good times of the past and wishes for a brighter future.

Hallo, everyone. (Hallo, Master.) […] Haven’t seen you for a long time. I hope you’re all fine and your families are healthy and happy. […]

Do you miss me? (Yes.) Perhaps not, you’ve all grown up. I’m the only one who is naive and would still miss you. Yes, I do. I miss the happy times that we spent together, so relaxed, peaceful and simple, without much pressure. We sang and danced together, and BBQ. […]

Recently, they aired the Moon Festival celebration that we had, perhaps in 1992. […] When I look at the old pictures, I don’t know whether they have edited them or what. Oh! I looked so nice and so young! […]

I heard them singing “The Pure Ocean.” Do you remember? “The Pure Ocean, grand and majestic, has come from Heaven. It flows far from its source.”

And “Happy Yogi.” […]

Also, especially when I heard “Remembering Master’s Grace at the Moon Festival.” Is that right? Oh, I was so touched. It’s so beautiful. I listened to it more than 10 times. […] I listened to it when I was tired, and then came back to work. I listened to it whenever I wanted. […]

It’s so beautiful and touching. At that time, everyone was singing so sincerely, and their voices were also very beautiful. Their voices were so young and beautiful then. […] Perhaps they sang with their hearts, so I was touched. […]

I recorded that song in my little iPhone, handphone, so I can listen to it whenever I want to. […] I carried it with me even when I went out to feed the butterflies. […]

When I heard those songs, I was so touched and I missed you. We were happier then. […]

We were very relaxed then. We had different kinds of pressure, but we’re not as busy as we are now. Very busy, both inside and outside.

I’m still staying at my place to continue with my retreat, and meditate as much as possible. It might be more helpful. You meditate at your place, and I meditate at my place. OK? We are one. When the time is up, I will go see you. OK? (That's good!) Please be patient. Even if we don’t see each other, we are still heart to heart and hand in hand. […]

OK. I wish you a happy retreat these couple of days, enjoying wonderful, radiant, inner experiences, Heavenly experiences. Then you can have better days when you go home, and benefit the country. The radiant and happy atmosphere that you bring home can help yourselves, your family, people in your village, in the country and in the world. OK? Now, for us there is nothing more important. […]

Taiwan (Formosa) is still fine and appears to be more normal. Some other countries are not living with such ease and such good luck. They’re still being plagued by the pandemic, which give them great agony. This pandemic is really not going to spare our world and has caused harms in many ways. It’s not just harming the body, individuals or groups. It’s affecting the whole society, nation and the world. Wow! For more than a year, everywhere is locked down. It’s like being forced to go into a retreat. […] They are locked down forcibly, compulsorily. […]

They are really forced to lock down. They are forced. There’s a very good solution. […]

Just adopt the vegan diet, and the whole world will be different. The whole world will shine and the pandemic will vanish without having to use any medicine. Because sometimes medication requires animal testing. […] That’s very painful. When I saw them being tested, I didn’t feel like taking any medicine anymore. I feel like as if my heart is being slashed by someone. I really can’t take it. I haven’t even mentioned the animals that are slaughtered for people, for human beings. Sometimes, I really don’t know how to live on in this world, but I still endure and live on to pray for them, to strive for them. Otherwise, without this goal, I really can’t continue to live in this world. There is so much suffering everywhere. The pain is intolerable. […]

I see others’ suffering as my own suffering. Seeing them in great agony, I feel so frustrated and helpless. Sometimes, I receive messages from them telling me, “Yes, it’s useful, Master. It helps.” […]

The progress is too slow, and sentient beings are suffering too much. Animals are dying in horrible ways. That’s how I feel. Sometimes, when they send me some good news, then I feel a bit comforted and manage to live on.

Thank you very much for your support, spiritual support, and support through spiritual practice. You’ve been meditating diligently at home. When you had the chance like this, you came quickly for group meditation to help the country and the world. […]

So, also thanks to God. When you meditate and before you pray, also thank Heaven and Earth, all the Buddhas and Saints in the past, present and future to support us. I thank Them every day for keeping the world as peaceful as possible, and keeping Taiwan (Formosa) peaceful. No war.

If you become a vegan, there will be no war. This is for sure. Buddha also said so. If there is no karma of killing, we will not be killed by wars. Please tell your friends and relatives to be vegan in order to save the country, themselves and the world. You know very well that war will cause destruction and suffering. No matter who wins or loses, it will still bring a lot of suffering. Being a vegan will ensure peace and permanent peace. Please tell everyone. Thank you. Be more enlightened. […]

I remember when I just came, I had no abode, money, and didn’t know anyone. However, strangely, you Taiwanese (Formosan) people all treated me nicely. Everyone I met treated me nicely. […] I never demanded anything. Yet, they always made offerings to me. I don’t really need much for myself. Being a renunciate, I ate simple food and wore just a few sets of clothes. I was at ease anywhere I went. I was more relaxed and happier than I am now. However, at this time, I should also be having a different kind of happiness, because I can help more sentient beings, thus feeling happier. However, the more I help, the more I feel their pain. […]

Now it’s as if I’m suffering myself. Previously, I just knew that they were in pain. That’s why I wanted to leave home to become a renunciate. But now there is no place to escape. Everywhere is the same. […] The pain won’t leave me alone, nor do I want it to leave me. Just that I hope sentient beings will suffer less.

Sometimes, watching TV, our TV, or news reports, I feel that the world has also become better. More people have understood, accepted the vegan diet, and looked for the Truth more. […] Millions of people watch us on the Internet all the time. As I count it now, three billion people have watched it. Roughly… […] That means almost half of the world’s population. I learned it from inside. I know it from inside. […] Heaven told me in order to comfort me. I said, “OK. Thank You.” I believed it when I saw it.

However, I had made a vow before. My vow was: “All my merit, if I have any, will be contributed to other people, the most suffering ones, such as the sentient beings in hell, those no one would save or listen to them. Those crying in pain, in sorrow. I want to share my merit with them.” […]

I said, “If I had any blessing, I’d share with them to minimize their pain or to liberate them.” […]

If it is indeed true that almost half the world’s population have watched our TV, their souls will definitely be saved. If they have more repentance and look inside more, they would receive more salvation. […]

Let us continue to pray. Yes, it is useful. There is hope, and it is useful. It’s just too slow for me. Sentient beings are suffering every day, every hour and every second. They are in agony every moment. So, for me, any progress is too slow, far too slow.

So I continue to endure. I do whatever I can do, broadcasting on TV, emanating my energy to help them. Also, thank you very much for your support. Having spiritual practitioners like you, I feel comforted.

I remember in the early years, I didn’t have anyone around me then. I totally didn’t know that I was an enlightened Master. I just wandered about. While pursuing spiritual practice, I just lived as usual, running around the world. I recall, at that time, you Taiwanese (Formosan) were the first ones to recognize who I was. Because it was in 1992, I just came out not for long. The song that you sang during Moon Festival, “Remembering Master’s Grace at the Moon Festival,” showed that you’ve known me very well and respected me a lot. You even praised me as the Mother of the Great Earth. I’m really touched upon hearing that. […] Until now, I feel touched. […]

You’re the first in the world to have recognized me, supported me and accepted me. […] I was extremely touched after watching that video, especially when hearing that song. How could they be so good? How could there be such good people? Because I am not Chinese and was not speaking Chinese fluently at that time, yet you still supported me, accepted me and loved me. […] You just had faith in me.

I think that you Taiwanese (Formosans) are very special. Such a special kind of people. […]

Thank you, the people of Taiwan (Formosa). I wish your country be forever peaceful, prosperous and happy. May God bless you. May the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas protect you and Taiwan (Formosa), protect our world from being too depraved and distressed. I hope there’s still some time to let me continue to work and to let the world repent. You just wish me luck. […] Wish me well on my mission and to succeed.

OK, thank you all. […] Amitabha bless. God bless. […] I love you very much. I miss you very much. See you when we can.

Host: We would like to express our deep appreciation for Cherished Master’s love and support of Taiwan, also known as Formosa, and its people, whose example of genuine hospitality and respectful manner can serve as an inspiration to all. We are hopeful that in a very near future our world will know true peace and happiness, where no sentient beings undergo suffering and we recover our carefree nature. Thus, let us pray for a fully vegan planet to arrive soon as the simplest remedy for all current adversities. May Precious Master enjoy a tranquil heart and be forever safe, in the powerful Protection of all Divine Beings.

To hear more about Supreme Master Ching Hai’s happy times in Taiwan (Formosa), please tune in to Between Master and Disciples on Sunday, November 7, for the full broadcast of this message.

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