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The Tenderhearted Love of Animal Mothers

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A mother’s love is absolute and pure. Whenever her babies are in need, a mother always tries her best to help them without even considering her own safety.

One day in the summer of 2019, Animal Aid Unlimited, an Udaipur, India-based non-profit that helps street animals, received an urgent call. A stray dog was howling and crying frantically for help because her puppies were buried in the debris of a collapsed house. The anxious mother even joined the rescuer to dig with her paws and tore at the rubble to speed up the process. Upon hearing the cries of her puppies, the mother dog obviously felt greatly relieved.

Like whales, bottlenose dolphins have also shown marine researchers that they are very devoted mothers. They take care of and protect their calf for up to six years before he or she becomes totally independent. They raise only one calf at a time. Marine biologists discovered an unprecedented case in August 2019 off the coast of Rangiroa Atoll in French Polynesia. A bottlenose mother dolphin was found swimming with two calves, and one of them was obviously of a different species. It is an incredible case: a mother dolphin had adopted a whale calf!

A mother’s love can go beyond her own species. Whenever babies need their mom, she is always there to help, protect, and nurture them. Heartwarming footage was taken by Ms. Jessie Larson while driving down Baby Doll Road in Port Orchard, Washington, USA. She spotted a female deer and her fawn on the street. The pair eventually noticed the car, and the doe ran away, but the little baby froze in shock in the middle of the road and just laid down on his stomach. The mother deer came over and gently nudged the fawn. Her touch was so tender and encouraging, and with so much love, that the frightened fawn eventually managed to get up and walk with the mother to safety. The power of a mother’s loving encouragement makes a big difference!

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