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Kite Flying Around the World

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There is something magical about flying a kite on a fine day. With each pull and release of the string, the kite soars higher and higher. Watching it drift gracefully in the open space brings such simple happiness, satisfaction and contentment to our hearts. It’s no wonder kite flying has been such an enjoyable pastime for people of all ages and nationalities.

Kites can be made from paper, plastic, or textiles, such as ripstop, nylon or Dacron. Those made from plastic and textiles are more robust with the ability to withstand strong gusts of wind. Various types of kites exist, and they can be manoeuvred using a single line, dual lines, or even multiple lines.

At kite festivals, the most common kites seen are the deltas, diamonds, cellulars, sleds, rokkakus, stunts, tractions, inflatables, and parafoils. Their vibrant colors and amazing designs are a sight to behold. Many countries hold an annual Kite Festival or National Kite Month. Flying kites in some countries is considered a sacred ritual. The Maori people often make their kites in the shape of a bird, as they believe birds can carry messages between humans and gods.

Many great movies and stories have used kite-flying as a theme. In the 1964 Walt Disney’s American musical fantasy film, “Mary Poppins.” Another example is “Kite…The Messenger,” a short Indian film by Partha Sarathi Manna. 'If the world is one, then why the borders are created? If the colour of the Blood is Red, then why the Hearts are different? If there is one Religion of Humanity, then why this Hatred?' “A Christmas Memory,” a 1966 Emmy Winner by Truman Capote, is yet another short story that is based on hope and the magic of kites. It seems that kite flying is not only a beloved entertaining pastime, but also for many people, symbolizes a carefree and peaceful life, and perhaps a connection to something higher.

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