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Shining World Compassion Award Recipient: Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

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Elephants and rhinos are smart, nurturing, self-aware, gentle giants who, like us, form deep family bonds. Regarded in many cultures as symbols of good fortune, wisdom, loyalty, vitality, strength, and deep spiritual divinity, they also play a key role in helping to maintain the ecosystems and rich biodiversity of the areas they inhabit. In today’s show, we are honored to speak with Mr. Rob Brandford, executive director of the pioneering family-based conservation organization, the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, whose mission is to protect wildlife and create a safe and bright future in which humans and wildlife can thrive together. The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has not only been successful in rescuing orphaned elephants who have lost their families, but their care of them extends to when they are released into the wild, guarding their habitats so they may roam freely and safely. “The orphans project is the core of what we do and we've managed to return over 150 elephants to the wild with another 97 in our care right now. So that's almost 250 elephant lives saved thanks to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.” Deeply grateful for their life-saving work, Supreme Master Ching Hai presented Mr. Rob Brandford and the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust the Shining World Compassion Award and a humble contribution of 10,000 US dollars. “In God's mercy, may Heavens bestow all involved and rescued with love, protection and wellness. With Great Honor, Love and Blessings in God's Grace Supreme Master Ching Hai.” “Thank you so much. It's such an honor to receive this check. Considerable funds, a very generous donation which will empower us to be there for orphan baby elephants in need. “My message to Supreme Master Ching Hai and to the viewers of this program is essentially, please keep doing what you're doing.”
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