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Selections from “The Astral City” - Chapter 7: Lysias Explains

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Numerous books have been written that provide insights into the afterlife and the soul’s immortality. One such volume is “Nosso Lar,” or “The Astral City,” by Spirit André Luiz through Spiritist medium Francisco Cândido Xavier. Francisco Cândido Xavier was a well-known Brazilian philanthropist who co-authored more than 400 books. In “The Astral City,” former medical doctor André Luiz speaks from the afterlife of his awakening and healing within a spiritual society near the Earth’s surface. This story describes not only the continuation of life beyond the physical body, but more importantly, how Heaven cares for each and every human soul. The following excerpt from “The Astral City” describes how André Luiz was strengthened spiritually upon his rescue from the Lower Zones. “‘Death of the physical body does not take man instantly to miraculous spheres. Every evolutionary process progresses through graduation. There are countless planes for discarnate Spirits, just as there are many wondrous regions for those still in flesh. All souls, feelings, forms and things are governed by the principles of natural evolution and hierarchy.’” “‘On the day you prayed with all your heart,’ continued Lysias, ‘when you realized that everything in the Universe belongs to our Almighty Father, even your tears were different. As you know, rain can at times be creative, at other times destructive. The Lord doesn’t wait for our prayers to love us. Yet, just as a dirty mirror cannot reflect the light, it is indispensable for us to cleanse ourselves and build a receptive attitude in order to understand His infinite goodness. Thus, it is not the Father who needs our penance, it is we who need it for the inestimable service it renders us.’” “‘Right, but keep in mind that all deserving petitions should contain three basic prerequisites: an active will, persevering work, and merit. In other words, one must first wish, then work towards that wish, and finally be deserving of what he requested.’”
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