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Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 137 - The Return of the King

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The guardians were greatly touched to see two of us. It is because they were in a very dire situation at that time. They have been withstanding unceasing battle with relentless dark forces for many centuries, protecting the sacred land of Chinggis Khan.

In last week’s episode, we discovered the official tradition of the Mongolian people as they gather every five years at Burkhan Khaldun Mountain to call upon the spirit of their beloved past King, Genghis Khan, in hopes that He may return someday. We also listened to testimonies from our Association members indicating that this solemn wish of the people has already been fulfilled: Genghis Khan, one of the world’s greatest emperors of all time, is here with us now.

There are many more who have had strong intuitions, inner visions and spiritual experiences related to this – astonishing experiences that revealed the oneness between Genghis Khan and our Most Loving Master, Supreme Master Ching Hai.

(We Mongolians believe that Master was Genghis Khan, Master. Genghis Khan used to do Quan Yin meditation. He did Quan Yin meditation in the Burkhan Khaldun Mountain, then He would set out on the journey.) (She has no doubt that in Your previous life You were Genghis Khan. And she said that Genghis Khan was familiar with the Quan Yin Method.) (Genghis Khan used to go on the top of the mountain [And meditate.] to meditate, three days and three nights. And after that He went to the battle, and He was always successful.) That’s why He almost conquered the whole world. And not much bloodshed.

“Genghis Khan meditated at the crossroads of power coming from Blue Sky (Heavens) and energy radiating from Earth. He meditated three days in the Burkhan Khaldun Mountain before embarking on a long journey.”

“Yeah, but He practiced afterward. And He tried his best. Actually, He wanted to unite all the countries together because He saw the division making people have misery. Like, the rich countries don’t help the poor countries. The rich countries don’t share with the poor countries. And, the powerful countries oppress the weak countries, so He wanted to unite everything and make it all one world. He was one of the most powerful emperors on the planet. If I am now as powerful as that, then we don’t have to worry about anything.”

Although She is no longer officially a Khan, we have learned through our Mongolian Association members that Supreme Master Ching Hai is well known and highly esteemed among Mongolia’s government leaders. We think this is partly because of the special closeness between Master and the Mongolian people, an affinity that was easily observed during one particular gathering in 2012 that filled many hours on end with joyful memories…

“(We have a very big ground, but very small population,) Understand, understand. (only two million. But we now have almost 2,000 initiates.”) Oh, wow! That’s good news. I love the Mongolian people so much. (Yes.) I think they’re just so pure. (And veganism is really spreading out, and vegan is no problem in Mongolia.) Wow, yes. (We have around 10, 15 restaurants in the city, and also in the countryside far away,) Yes. (and almost 20 vegan restaurants,) And all good? (and five [vegan food] factories, and everyone knows You very well.) Oh. I hope I know everyone, also. (And very diligent, our Mongolian brothers and sisters.) I believe. (They try to spread out more vegan restaurants, even if it’s difficult, sometimes.) I believe, I believe, and good job. (You know we are nomadic people.) Yeah, thank you, thank you, for being so good. Thank you. (Thank You.) Thank you for being good people. I love Mongolia, you know that. You know that.”

“(The president was awarded the Shining World Leadership Award in 2010,) Yes. (because the president sent a proposal to government for banning the death penalty.) Yes. (So, in this year, that law and regulation was approved completely by the government.) Wow, bravo, government.”

(Yes. Also, You sent some signed letters to the Mongolian government. So as a result of Master’s signed letters, the government started to ban alcohol and tobacco in the government palace.) Wow, OK. (And also…) And next will be nowhere else, huh? (We hope so.) Yes, yes, OK, and then? (During Lunar New Year, the president and people of Mongolia drink some alcohol. So it was prohibited completely.) No more? (Yes, no more, during Lunar New Year.) Wow. (During Lunar Year, we place sheep mutton on the table, so everybody eats it, actually. So, since this year, some of the high ranks announced not to place sheep mutton on the table.) No more? (Just started to ban.) Oh, that’s tough, because it’s tradition for hundreds or thousands of years! How did they do that? Bravo. Your government is blessed. (Yes. It’s so blessed.) Super.”

“(We, Mongolians, are very thankful and grateful for Your tremendous love and blessings and grace.) No, I am very, very pleased with your people. Really, very pleased. Because I have never been there, and all of you, Mongolian people, are so positive, so supportive, and so diligent in practice. Even government! My God. It’s like my government. Very good, very good, I’m very pleased, very pleased. And also, not only that, your people are so talented. Very impressive, the performance last time. Everybody liked it so much. I’m very pleased. I hope one day I can visit your country. (Wow. Thank You very much, Master.) I hope, I hope. (It gives so much encouragement for us. Thank You. We will work hard for saving our planet.)”

“The Gobi Desert. You see the Mongolian desert keeps advancing into your land every year, so many kilometers. This kind of thing is very dangerous for your country. So we have to establish more spiritual power to stop it or to push it back. So your country, if your government really loves your people, they should advocate meat-free lifestyle, animal-free lifestyle. We have to do everything possible to protect humans’ existence. So if you could talk to your government, tell them I say that. They have gone great steps already toward it. Just a couple more steps, then Mongolia becomes paradise, becomes an exemplary country for all to follow. And I promise you, that day I will visit your country.

You know why you Mongolian people are there, next to the Gobi desert? Because it’s your mission to stop it. That’s why you are so spiritual. I told you. Very spiritual, very enlightened, and very open, the government. And you live next to the Gobi Desert where there are hell portals and hell roads. It’s your mission to stop it. To counter-balance this hellish energy.

You tell your government from me, that it’s their duty, their mandate from Heaven, to stay there to stop the Gobi Desert from expanding its clutches on human’s life and other beings. (Yes.) Thank you.”

Following is a testimony from two of our Mongolian Association members.

“(In the summer of 2020, we two friends decided to travel to Deluun Boldog of Khentii province, which is located in the northeastern part of Mongolia. It is a historically significant place, where the national Greatest Ruler Chinggis Khaan (Genghis Khan) was born. Many people advised us to be cautious of the arduous road during the rainy season, especially only two women are driving by themselves, who don’t have much experience on the countryside road. But the desire to visit the birthplace of the Emperor Chinggis Khaan was greater than any warning.)

(The trip from Ulaanbaatar to Khentii province was smooth. When we arrived in Undurkhaan city of Khentii province, I felt as if the city was under a transparent bubble-like cover. Surprised by this unusual feeling, I closed my eyes and meditated. In my inner vision, I saw that it was an energetic barrier placed by dark forces to obscure the birthplace of Chinggis Khaan. As we continued our journey, I saw in my inner vision how numerous devious, evil spirits of snakes, dragons, and different lower demonic beings were attacking us. At some point, the sky was full of these beings. This made me wonder why the dark force is so desperately concentrated and putting so much effort in this specific place.)

(When we finally approached the Dadal Soum, the nearest town to Deluun Boldog after more than a 10-hour drive, the high mountain ranges and Onon River welcomed us. When we passed these beautiful natural sceneries, another vision had ensued. On top of one of the mountains, an ancient Mongolian army, with traditional battle attire with shields and helmets, greeted us on their horses and signaled to allow us to enter. It felt like we entered through some type of invisible gate. The army was the defense force from ancient times to protect the Great Khaan’s birthplace for hundreds of years till our present day. These guardians have been awaiting the arrivals of messengers of the Great Emperor. At that moment, we noticed that our appearance changed. Through our inner eyes, we saw that we were transformed into grandiose, enormous warriors with traditional Mongolian hero attires, radiating boundless light. We greeted the army with the traditional manner by bringing our right hand to the heart and bowed our heads as ancient Mongolian warriors used to do.)

(The guardians were greatly touched to see two of us. Some had tears in their eyes as if greeting their long-awaited close ones. It is because they were in a very dire situation at that time. They have been withstanding unceasing battle with relentless dark forces for many centuries, protecting the sacred land of Chinggis Khan, and slowly were losing some of the areas.)

(At dusk, we finally arrived at our destination, the Three Lakes Resort, where we planned to stay the next four days. That night, I felt Chinggis Khaan’s energy in my meditation. It seemed that the Great Emperor’s energy was very much absorbed still and present in that place. Then I realized that this place is a very important place for Mongolia. And also, this is the reason why the dark force was striving to destroy this place. The evil spirits were attempting many ways to destroy, to obscure, to suppress the consciousness of the local people as well, in order to prevent their spiritual evolvement.)

(The very next morning, two of us cheerfully headed to the site of Deluun Boldog, the Great Chinggis Khaan’s birthplace. Deluun Boldog is a low-hillside, on top of which symbolic Chinggis Khaan’s statue and sacred site, ovoo, is presented. According to the tradition, people climb to the hill and circle the ovoo three times by paying their respect and praise to them. We followed the tradition: When we got on top of the hill, we started to circle the ovoo, and started to chant the Five Sacred Names.)

(I had a vision that when we walked and recited the Five Sacred Names, a great Light arose from each of my steps, creating Light columns connecting the Earth and Heaven. White Light energy was descending like rain from Heaven. Meanwhile, I had a vision that the great Light of Heaven directly went to the ovoo and was transmitted to the very core of the Earth, and from there, it was distributed to every corner of the Earth, as if blessing and charging the Earth from within.)

(As we stood on the top of the hill after the ceremony, the local deities, divinities, guardians, and spiritual beings were gathered around the hill and cheerfully thanked us by kneeling down. They were extremely happy to welcome and witness messengers of the Great Khaan, disciples of Supreme Master Ching Hai, who were supposed to rescue them as Her instruments.)

(Overall, the journey was magical and humbling. Throughout the journey, many other miracles happened and little issues were solved as if we were guided, such as when we got lost on the road, a herder appeared immediately and showed the right way, etc. The trip was indeed one of the most memorable, unimaginably wondrous, and full of unexpected adventures. We sincerely thanked our Master for Her endless Love and Care all throughout.)”

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