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Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 128 - King Jayabaya's Vision of the Queen of Peace and Justice

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“When in the future there will be The arrival of the White Lotus, Her white hue hidden beneath, Born to Earth She is, The one who rules the World And takes care of the whole Universe. Her title is Ratu Amisan, She relieves all miseries on earth. Leaders join Her conference.

In our previous episode, we learned about the immense grace that is being bestowed at this very pivotal time of Final Judgment by the World Savior, who is known as Ratu Adil (Queen of Justice) or Satrio Piningit (Hidden Knight). As King Jayabaya urged in his prophecies, humans must sincerely seek Her salvation by being sincerely repentant and following Her virtuous teachings. He said:

“Therefore, follow that Satrio [Piningit], She has no father and aunt. She is an orphan. She has completed Java Vedha, She only relies on the Trisula (trident). The sharpness of Trisula symbolizes ABSTINENCE FROM KILLING or owing lives. The middle is ABSTINENCE FROM CAUSING HARM TO OTHERS. The sides are abstinence from stealing.

This stanza indicates that Satrio Piningit, the Savior, has “no father and aunt,” meaning family ties. As an ordained nun, Supreme Master Ching Hai indeed renounced mundane ties in order to dedicate Herself to serve the whole world. Or it could mean that She really has no parent, as Supreme Master Ching Hai revealed some decades ago that She just borrowed the deceased body of a child to be in this world for Her mission.

The verses then describe the Savior’s spiritual symbol called the Trisula, whose different parts represent the moral principles of not killing, not harming others, and not stealing or seizing others’ rights. These universal precepts are exactly what Supreme Master Ching Hai teaches as a basic standard for humankind. “All these five precepts – no killing, no stealing, no telling lies, no sexual misconduct and no intoxicants – these are only to protect you – morally, health wise and for the social peace. It’s far from being a saint, yet. Being a saint is much more demanding. Yes. Not only we have to keep the precepts, as being a human, not only we should just adhere to the compassionate diet, but we have to also help others.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has been arranging loving contributions for the most vulnerable victims of the COVID-19 virus in different countries, with all love and sorrowful prayers, in Heaven’s bountiful mercy. Etc… Supreme Master Ching Hai is “deeply grateful to the beloved GOD for all the financial help, comfort and support to the afflicted and needy and/or any good cause over the years, as a humble vessel for Hiers (neutral term for His/Hers) compassion and love toward Hiers precious children.”

“When in the future there will be The arrival of the White Lotus, Her white hue hidden beneath, Born to Earth She is, The one who rules the World And takes care of the whole Universe. Her title is Ratu Amisan, She relieves all miseries on earth. Leaders join Her conference.

Let’s look at this stanza line by line. First, it refers to the Savior as “the White Lotus,” whose white color, meaning Her Holiness and Purity, are at first hidden beneath the water’s surface.

The stanza then reveals that the Savior is “the one who rules the World and takes care of the whole Universe.” Yet the sense of “ruling” as it pertains to Ratu Adil is very different from the mortal way of governing. The Power She wields is unlike that of any earthly king or president. For with this Power, She is able to take care of not just this world but also “the whole Universe”! “And I have been shopping, imagine. I go into that cosmic supermarket and I pick out what I need. I pick out, like, the power to make a better world, and repairing the world, repair the universe, repair the humans’ heart. And trying to steer the souls of this world into a better direction. A more holy and more peaceful direction.” “The Cosmos united, and when the Cosmos united then peace will come. (Wow!) But before the Cosmos united there has to be a great force of Love, true Love, real Love that makes it happen. (Wow. Nice.) It takes one with sincerity and spiritual power to do that. It has to be real Love, unconditional. Truly deep, profound, compassionate Love. And Heaven told me that ‘The Cosmos was so moved by such a great Love and became united! (Wow!) That is the words that They said to me. (Master, could we know whose great Love united the Cosmos?) Yeah, actually Heavens told me more in detail, whose Love. But I cannot… I cannot reveal it. Okay? It will damage the peace, because of maya. So, maybe I just say it’s from M’s Love. (Thank You, Master.) And then the Cosmos will unite. Because when the Big Bang came, the creation came, everything scattered all over. (Yes, Master.) And now they’re united. (Wow!) So they don’t war against each other, they don’t compete against each other. (Yes, Master.) And then the universe will be at peace, the world, different worlds with different planets will be at peace. Not just our planet.

The stanza also says that people will recognize Her as “Ratu Amisan,” meaning a leader who is very simple and very humble. Upon getting to know about Her, many people are touched by Supreme Master Ching Hai’s preference for a simple lifestyle. Master also tells us how much She loves to live a minimal and self-sufficient life alone in nature; Her small secluded abodes in different countries attest to this. Yet, in order to help the suffering humans and animals, Master often forsakes Her personal likings and needs as She shares Her presence, comfort, and guidance with the public.

Most important of all, King Jayabaya envisioned that Ratu Adil, the Queen of Justice, would “relieve all miseries on earth.” Through Her diverse endeavors, Supreme Master Ching Hai is leading the world toward World Vegan, World Peace in order to rescue it from all miseries, which have been caused by the killing of humans and animals. And everywhere around us, we see that human and animal lives are improving, especially for the meek and downtrodden. It is all happening now under Her reign – the uplifting reign of the Queen of Justice!

Justice for the Animals

“In the night when all things are quiet and most humans are asleep, I often pour my heart out to the animals, telling them how much I care for them and how much I would do anything to stop their suffering. THE DAY WILL ARRIVE WHEN WE HUMANS AND ANIMALS CAN LIVE TOGETHER LIKE FAMILY MEMBERS.

“We would like to thank the Supreme Master Ching Hai for this amazing donation and You have supported us so many times in the past. And we can assure You this money will be used to stop animal abuse around the world.” “This donation helps us in our mission to create a better world for people and animals, and in our day-to-day struggle, to have enough money to maintain this place as it is.” “Your support fuels undercover investigations, legal victories, corporate commitments and social impact programs that create a kinder future for farmed animals.” “I want to give thanks for the support given by Supreme Master Ching Hai for all our operational activities, especially in saving orangutans.” “Veganism really is the diet of the future, it is something we must defend. On behalf of all of the Association Végétarienne de France, the employees and the volunteers, I would like to thank from all my heart Supreme Master Ching Hai and Her Association for this award, which will permit us to continue our efforts to create a more sustainable and more peaceful food model.” “And for most people in the world, it seems crazy - 3D printing of (vegan) meat. So it's amazing to discover from the other side of the world literally somebody who believes in what we're doing and supporting us. Because they know how important it is. …And I'm hoping to meet the Supreme Master at one point of time.”

Estimated contributions to date from Supreme Master Ching Hai for animal protection: US$6,834,889 and for vegan food development and vegan lifestyle promotion: US$16,704,866 Etc…

Justice for Children

“Please stop it. Please stop torturing your babies and children, or and yourself, or and your friends. Wake up. Wake up, wake up. There is no such God that makes your babies suffer.

Justice for War Victims and Refugees

You make women become widows. Make men become cripples. Make children become orphans. Make parents become bereaved of their beloved children. Why, why, why, why, why? The leaders of the world, answer yourselves. Answer to God! No one who kills God’s children this way, will get away with it. Heavens are watching. “If it hadn’t been for us, Supreme Master Television, and the disciples who have been good and virtuous and praying, meditating, then the energy would have been all dark. (Yes, Master.) Our world would have been doomed long time already. But we see some little light at the end of the tunnel. Like now, many leaders are making peace with each other.” Some of the Most Recent Peace Events Etc… “I thank all the countries who help those in need, especially the strangers who come to their land. Because in the Bible it says, ‘Be kind to strangers, because you are also strangers in the land of Egypt.’”

“I would like to thank the Master for the US$53,000. We will use it well. We will continue to house people here, in my farm. We will continue to build modest huts, but which will allow us to protect people and we will continue to give them food, to feed them, to treat them and to defend them.” “And we will do justice to this award by continuing to do our best for the migrant workers.”

Some of Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan)’s Donations for Refugees. Estimated contributions to date from Supreme Master Ching Hai for refugees: US$4,074,575. Etc…

Justice for the Underprivileged

In this world, nobody ever had to go hungry. We can give them financial assistance so they can start their own business. We can give them land, whoever needs land, to cultivate vegan food. I remember when I was in Europe; and I happened to read a newspaper from England. It told a story of a boy in Africa somewhere, that all he needs is just £30. Then he can take care of his whole family, meaning he can cultivate the land. That’s all he needs. So, I sent him a check of £100, or more than that, I can’t remember. What I mean is, it doesn’t take much for people to take care of themselves. And it’s a pity that these hardworking people, sincere people, still need to be hungry because they don’t have the means to take care of themselves. I do what I can only. But if everyone does what he can, even as humbly as I do, the world will be a Heaven on Earth. No one would ever have to experience sickness or be lacking of anything; being hungry, cold, that no one takes care of.

“Many thanks to Supreme Master Ching Hai for Your annual assistance to our friends outside who don’t have enough clothes to wear. You give us a warm heart.” “We would like to express our sincere gratitude to The Supreme Master Ching Hai for coming here and providing blankets, caps and socks to all the Brahmins.” “Please send my thanks to Master for thinking of the destitute artists living in Bình Định.” “I’d like to thank Supreme Master for this generous donation. And She must realize, that this goes so far in helping all the children that we operate on, and every footstep they take for decades to come will be changed because of the help that She’s giving to the children.” “And today, God, through Master Ching Hai, has donated our first financial investment of our institute.” “I was walking and they called me and they said, ‘Danny we just got US$20,000.’ And I started to cry, because I felt that God had heard my prayer.”“Watching out for our brothers and sisters around the planet who do not have clean water to drink… This means all the world to us and it’s just the beginning.” “Somehow we all are in need. Thanks for everything. Thanks.” “Myself and my family, our house was washed away and now Supreme Master Ching Hai gives us some finance so we can build our house again.” “Your love and compassion will spiritually support us to restore the city.” “On behalf of the Nigerian Red Cross Society Ogun State, we really appreciate the Supreme Master Ching Hai, God bless Her!” “Thank You, Master Ching Hai!” “Thank You, Master!” “Thank You, Master!” “Thank You, Master!” “Thank You, Master!”

Estimated contributions to date from Supreme Master Ching Hai for:

The underprivileged (the homeless, orphans, etc.): US$7,737,328

Disaster victims: US$22,032,183

Pandemic victims: US$4,000,000

Environmental protection: US$1,486,780

The arts and culture: US$648,106

Religious and spiritual groups: US$1,702,805

Various other benevolent causes: US$7,884,542


(These estimates do not include many other donations that Master gave quietly or spontaneously without documentation or for which we lost track of records, nor do they include new donations made since the time of this calculation.)

Supreme Master Ching Hai is “deeply grateful to the beloved GOD for all the financial help, comfort and support to the afflicted and needy and/or any good cause over the years, as a humble vessel for Hiers (neutral term for His/Hers) compassion and love toward Hiers precious children.”

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