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From the White Buffalo Teachings by Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Part 2 of 2



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Today, we continue with reading a selection from Chief Arvol Looking Horse’s book “White Buffalo Teachings.” He emphasizes more on the importance and urgency of a global healing, so that we can secure a brighter future for the generations yet to come. “Our Instructions from Wakan Tankan (the Great Spirit, the Great Mystery) tell us to promote global healing, to teach peace and harmony to the many Nations of Mother Earth and to begin both a Great Healing and a Great Forgiving. We must teach all Peoples that Mother Earth is not a resource, but the very Source of Life itself. Unless we do this, the powers of destruction will overwhelm us. So our generation has been put here to save all future generations. That’s why we hold this World Peace & Prayer Day each year since 1996 (June 21), because two years before that the White Buffalo Calf was born among us as a Sign both of Warning and of Deliverance. In a Prophecy, we were told we would be the key people to re-educate our relatives, teaching the medicines of balance and harmony that our Mother Earth needs to survive. That’s why I say that we are at a Crossroads, each of us and all of us – a Crossroads predicted in our Prophecies.” “White Buffalo Calf Woman’s spirit has announced her message of support in this time of great danger, and she continues to announce the message in the birth of each White Buffalo – each one of them a Sign, each one a fulfillment of ancient Prophecy as well as a new Prophecy for our times.”
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