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Between Master and Disciples

A Journey to Malaga, Part 3 of 9, Sep. 30, 2006

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Humility is just like every other quality; you only use it when you need it. You can’t just hang it on your shoulder or write it here, everybody knows you’re humble. So it’s very difficult to know who is humble or not.


Talking about being humble, as if it’s not humble enough for you. You don’t know. You don’t know. I’m humble all the time. But here, I’m not here to be humble, I’m here to be your teacher. And the teacher is sometimes friendly, sometimes not friendly, it depends on your situation and behavior and progress. Like your children, sometimes you tell them sweetly, sweetly - they don’t hear it. But if you say, “Now! Do it!” They go. Good! Humility is just like every other quality; you only use it when you need it. You can’t just hang it on your shoulder or write it here, everybody knows you’re humble. So it’s very difficult to know who is humble or not. Especially me, because you’re not living with me, you don’t know how I do things every day. It’s OK. I do have humility, believe it. Just in case you want to know. Wow! You know to drive all the way here for 36 hours with that not-very-good driver is a humbling experience enough, I’m telling you. You have to have enough humility to endure it. My nose is sensitive too. Different smells make me sick. Some people smell strong, some people smell less strong. And sometimes I don’t want to offend people. Also, on the road, how do you get a bath? Yeah, many things. Small, small things.

Oh! I forgot, I got the driver, and then he had no license. Wow! My heart was pumping! I was pumped. I said, “OK, then we change the driver.” You go back there and drive the other car with the other woman who has a driver’s license, and even if they check your car, it doesn’t matter. Nobody cares and they don’t even care to check your car, mostly they are just after me. Because that’s the karma works through the police, just to bother me, your karma. It seems like they know who I am, particularly that car. But sometimes I experienced it, different cars, all kind of peoples’ cars, they don’t stop anybody, they stop my car. Other cars sometimes have bullet holes all over, and they don’t even check it. My car, very good and clean, they check. Other drivers, tattoos and long hair, and all kind of..., they don’t check. And we all wear normal clothes, make-up and everything. Very decent, good car; and they check. At first, I thought maybe it’s because I have a brand name car, an expensive car, so they check it. So I changed it to a normal car, like Honda for example - but they still check! I thought, OK, maybe because it’s a new car and it has all my energy in it, so they can smell it, they check. OK, I buy a second-hand car, third-hand car, all kinds of smells had been in there... and they still check! Second-hand, third-hand, fourth-hand, fifth-hand, don’t even know whose energy anymore - still check. Luckily nothing happened, nothing at all, it’s just ... I don’t want to be known. That’s why I want to go everywhere quietly.

But I cannot, if my driver keeps bumping into the curb or parks on top of the curb, or turns around when he’s not supposed to turn around, or passes through the red light. So, the third driver we talked about already. The fourth... OK, one driver cannot, one has a license but cannot drive, one bumps into the curb, the other one, just now I had to let her go in the middle of the journey, and the other, fourth, comes with me here. Drag along. Right. So we’re done. So now, we want to change the driver, remember? The German driver lost his driver’s license, and had only a paper to prove that he lost it. So, I said OK, we’ll change the driver. I said, “Is it OK if we change the driver?” He said, “OK. They have two drivers, one man, one woman. I go there and he comes here.” So, anyway, we stopped the car in the middle of the highway, put emergency light on and everything, and he went to the other car, and then he came back to me, “Master, he forgot his driver’s license at home.” So, he said to me, “I am the only one that has even that piece of paper, to prove that I had once a driver’s license.” Now what to do? He drove, but he was not familiar with the car, the GPS and all that, so we also got lost. But the other car, one driver is pregnant, so you can’t even bring her into my... driving and... she cannot, it’s too stressful. And all the way mostly she doesn’t drive, only the boyfriend drives, because she’s pregnant, anyway. So that car has only one and half drivers. She’s just a stand by, in case. He’s a gentleman; he doesn’t want her to drive. So he drives alone, so how would I even take him here; he’s already tired. Are they all here already, by the way? (Yes.) Oh, wonderful. Are you safe? Good!

And then, but this car is the one that has the detailed map. They printed the whole thing out for the whole journey and that brought them all the way to Spain already. So, because I have GPS, I didn’t want to take that as well. So they had that, we had that, but later they lost them too. Lost. Normally, they followed each other, but I don’t know why they were lost. And then, when I heard that, I said, “But did you call them?” “Did you call them to ask if they’re OK, or where they are, or if they need help?” “No, I didn’t.” You guys are very relaxed. Master does everything for sure. So I said, “Call them! Maybe they were waiting for you somewhere!” He said, “Well, they will call us if they want.” I said, “Did they call you?” He said, “No!” The second car people were also very relaxed. So, anyway, I said, “Please call them.” And he called and the phone was turned off. But I already told them before, “We have three phones. You have to open it, turn it on, so that we can contact each other, in case of anything.” Somehow nobody did it. Fine, so they were lost. The GPS, they didn’t know how to work it, and the map was not there. Wow! So I said, “OK, just go all the way to the coastline, look at the map, the normal map, and see is there an E15 and just go there and just bring me to Malaga, and then we’ll see.”

That’s all right, but it seems also some problem. So when we were in Malaga already, I said, “OK, now we’re...” Because sometimes it’s too far, you put in the address, it doesn’t work, it says too far... So I said, “OK, we’re in Malaga now, can you try the GPS again and put in the address?” And they said, “We don’t know how to cancel it, because it’s programmed all the way, another many miles until it stops, and then we can put in a new program.” Well, we waited; we were driving, driving, until the program stopped. If that was a real program at all. So I said, “Just go in the center and then I’ll get a hotel.” I went in the hotel and it was still very early, so they closed it; they just opened a little window. So, I asked them in my broken Spanish, “We are lost, we need a taxi to drive us to this address. Could you please help to phone a taxi for me?” He said, “No, no, no, no, don’t know, don’t know, ...no.” “Look over there, there’s a cabin, a telephone.” But I said, “I don’t speak very well Spanish. OK, at least can you give me the telephone number?” He hesitated, so I talked with the paper language, and humility. I said, “Please, I don’t want to trouble you. I know it’s late, and I am not a customer.” “I am not a customer,” something like that. “But please, help me to call.” And I said, “Or at least give me the number.” So he gave me the number and I tried my phone, and at that time, my phone had no money. My phone is from another country. And he just closed the door. So I knocked again. I said, “Please call.” And then, when he saw another brother coming, and he knew that we really needed it, and he said OK, and he called a taxi. So, the taxi just came right in front of the hotel. Because even if I called, I would have to tell the taxi where I am, some address. Otherwise, he doesn’t know where, and it’s difficult for me to explain it in Spanish. I could say the hotel name, but I didn’t even know what street that was, because mostly they don’t write the street in front of the hotel.

So, that’s how we got here. So, it’s not only you who have obstructions when you want to come to see me. I have obstructions to come to see you also. I could go with the airplane, but I have another problem, I cannot, I don’t want to tell you here. In India, when I was also a pilgrim, I also sold my stuff. I needed to. One by one, I sold it. I sold my umbrella; I sold my bags. I even sold my steel cup. Then I only had left the sleeping bag and a plate to cook chapattis in. And I exchanged and bought a cheaper aluminum cup. Because when I began to go, I had a stainless steel cup, stainless steel spoon and all that. In India, you could sell them and buy a cheaper one from the natives. When I was short of money, I did that.

OK, anyway, where were we, where are we? Now you know, all the drivers. So, that’s why I can’t be bothered to go to the doctors and see a physiotherapist. No matter who I choose, there’s always some problem. I cannot take risks. I cannot take chances. We already have enough problems without it. So much for the drivers. It’s not their fault. I don’t know if anybody, even if the best driver comes, will I have the problem or not. It’s the maya, the negative force, which is the result from the world’s karma. So much help we give to people, so much assistance to other people in need, and in disasters and all that. Even though we use our money to help, the karma cannot be paid with money. And the karma will not come to you, even though you are the ones who go there and directly help. Because you only listen to me! I am the one to tell you to go and help people! And I’m the one who sometimes gives you money to go to help people! In either case, I am the main character. So, the karma doesn’t come to you, it comes to me. So, that’s how things happen; it makes my life, surrounding chaotic. So, if I can’t sometimes see you, or cannot make it, then you understand. It’s not that I don’t want it; it’s just that so many troubles have been created or are being created or will be created for me, so that I have difficulty fulfilling your wish or doing my job. I told you that I have been looking for a place for us, for you to see me, ever since I came to Europe. I was just joking about being picky, like a sea view. If we have that, I’d be very happy. Of course, I really love that. But it’s not only that that matters; there are more other things.

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