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Take Bold Action for a Vegan World! Part 3 of 5, Oct. 29, 2019

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Your dogs, or your cats, or your pets, your birds, they all shield you to some degree, whatever they can. Actually, if you knew what your dogs, for example, do for you, you would kneel there and hug him and her forever and cry with gratitude and love.

Many people or many disciples, of course, they are diligent and they did not want all that. But humans have this dual nature. We have good nature inside, and we also have a bad side. And if we don’t practice very well, the way we would like to, due to circumstances, due to worldly duties, due to emotional problems at that time or marriage difficulty, or whatever, or other distractions in the world. Like we prefer to watch movies or games instead of watching Supreme Master Television’s educational programs, and getting more blessing, and getting more support invisibly to meditate, to progress. We prefer to do something else, which is our habit, which is pulled by the maya force, by the negative power. And then we forget our Holy Selves. And then we will be less and less divine. I don’t mean we are less divine. We remember less of our Divine. We connect less with our powerful Divine Selves, and then we have trouble. We let the other side of our personality, our inherited DNA, or the fixed karma power, pull us.

And then when we get angry at somebody, that body will get hurt. Even the dog who shields the person, he shields the caretaker, and then the dog gets that, full blown. And then he becomes aggressive, he cannot control himself or she cannot control herself, and begins fighting. Normally, this never happens. Because the daughter bit the mother. That is very, very unimaginable, but it happened this time. Then, of course, we had to rush to the hospital, and then taking care, and then medicine, and then take more time, more effort, and more obstruction for me. So, I had to do retreat, take care of some important undelayable documents, as well as taking care of my dogs. Of course, I have assistants who take care of some parts, but I have to also take care of some parts, because my dogs, or any dogs, any pets, they don’t just need medicine and food, they also need emotional support; they need expressions of love; they need physical contact to be happy and contented. You know that very well.

And my dogs are precious to me, more than gold, diamonds, rubies, anything, you name it. Because they also protect me with their lives. It’s truly like that. It happened again, and I really detested this, but I could not help it. They just did it without me being able to do anything. But luckily, for them, it was not fatal. It’s just that still… You know, like a typhoon, the passing-by typhoon still can do some damage, not as full scale as if it hits right to that area, but the nearby areas still have some damage. In Taiwan (Formosa), we should understand that better because we have a lot of typhoons. It’s less strong now than before. It could be very, very destructive for the people, houses, property, life, and harvests, and cause a lot of sorrow.

Your dogs, or your cats, or your pets, your birds, they all shield you to some degree, whatever they can. Actually, if you knew what your dogs, for example, do for you, you would kneel there and hug him and her forever and cry with gratitude and love. They do things you don’t even know. They shield you with their power, whatever they have, all they have. They give all they have to you if you are in danger. They take on your disease so that you won’t die, or that it doesn’t get worse, so that it’ll be curable, if they can. But if really your time is up, of course, they can only lighten it, but they cannot go against the law of the Shadow Universe. When you have to go, you have to go. But if they still can, they’ll do anything for you. If you knew what they can do for you or what they would do for you, you would never ever treat a dog the same way. You would probably treat them like you treat God. That much. Because God, you don’t see. I mean most people they don’t see God. But they can see their dogs, you see? The manifestation of love on this planet.

And that dog doesn’t just love you. He shields you from many harms, he protects you with his life. He’ll lay down his life for you any time, unasked, and unknown, un-thanked for. I know my dogs did that. And if you happen to still have some telepathic ability in you – most people lost it anyway – then you would hear what they tell you; what they warn you not to do; where not to go; when not to go; because you may be in danger. They would help you with all that. But you cannot listen to them, so they have to shield you with their lives, with their bodies. Therefore, they suddenly get sick, suddenly get an accident, and you think it’s just coincident. No, it’s not. It’s not a coincidence that your dog suddenly gets sick, or passes away, or has an accident, or suddenly runs away outside somewhere. They want to stop the negative energy that’s coming towards you, before it reaches you, before it goes near you. And they tell you what is what, and watch out for whom that is harmful to you, or don’t associate with whom that is not good for you, will bring you not good luck, bring you not good health, bring you not good happiness. They will tell you anything. They know everything, absolutely. But not every dog has the same power, of course. They just do what they can only. Even if you have a few dogs, one or two would be more powerful than the rest. And mostly, they are the leaders of the pack. They are stronger, they eat more, they are very, very healthy and bigger than the rest. Even not bigger, but they look stronger, always. And they emit the aura of authority and protectiveness.

We humans are such a pitiful lot. We know nothing, we see nothing, we hear nothing. Sometimes, I’m so busy with work, I do not even notice some things, and my dogs have to tell me; either one of them or several of them repeatedly, to make sure that I hear. And if I don’t hear, they go pee, poo, right in the middle of the house, and then I know. “OK, what now?” And then they will tell me before it’s too late. But I’m lucky, I avoided fatal accidents at least two times this month, because not just my dogs, but the Godses and the angels, they shielded me, and so the negative energy just veered away from me, just in the nick of time, two times like that.

And I have told you already, 64% of our group are very, very good, or at least neutral. Only 36% are not too good. Some are truly from hell, or just came from hell, and they really, really drag me down a lot. But I have promised to give initiation to all, barring none. So, I have to bear a lot of suffering because of this minority. But I’m glad that the majority is good. That’s better than the majority is bad, and the minority is good, right? (Yes.) Yes. Many of you have elevated up to the Fourth and the Fifth Levels already, and I am very, very pleased. I am very pleased. Even if the people who do harm to me, or the disciples who, every time they do something they harm something else, even then, I accept it as the karma of the group, of the whole, and the world as well. So, even if I remonstrated them, it’s not with hatred; it’s with love, and with acceptance. I just want to tell them, so that they get better, they pay more attention to what they’re doing, and not like blindly, absent-mindedly be the instrument of the opposite force, of the negative force, which harms us, harms their Master, and harms themselves, and harms their relatives and friends, by the karma they created.

You came to listen to me about Buddha, high-level stuff, and all I talk about is dogs and workers and karma. Do you mind? (No!) No? Thank you for your tolerance and understanding. We are just chatting, so that I have an excuse to sit with you and look at you, and that you have an excuse to see me. You always want to see me, no matter how long, how much, where. This is better than nothing, right? (Yes.) I’m right here.

Even if you’re in Taiwan (Formosa) and the weather is temperate, but please keep warm. You’d be surprised, Taiwan (Formosa) is a wonder island. If you drive just a few hours away from where you are sitting right now, then you’ll get hot weather. Right now it’s not hot, of course. It will be very comfortable there now. I mean warm, very warm. Not like where you are. And if you go a little bit north, you’ll feel cooler. And if you go a little bit, on the special mountains, some other mountain, then you’ll feel cold, even snow. We have a mountain called Alishan. It has snow sometimes, right? (Yes.) Yeah, it has snow even. Is it snow sometimes or all the time in winter? (Sometimes.) Sometimes. I saw some photos.

It’s a wonder island, I’m telling you. How can it snow on such a small little island like this? And in the middle of the sea even. The seawater keeps the temperature inland more regulated. You know that, right? So, it cannot be too hot, it cannot be that cold. So, Taiwan (Formosa) is a wonderful island. And it even has a high mountain, so that you can see snow, and it’s cold over there. If you go there in winter, you must wear a (vegan) fur coat, I mean fake fur, like what I’m wearing right now, vegan fur; or wear a thick jacket, something like that. Imagine! Taiwan (Formosa), it’s a wonder island. I have not been there yet. Maybe one day I’ll go. Even just nearby, you get cold also.

I remember one time, a long time ago, I was in the north of the island, on a mountain called Yang Ming Shan. S? Not X? Yang Ming Shan, OK, thank you. The cameraman reminds me how to speak Chinese. I don’t know why I forget Chinese either. Maybe I speak dog language too much. And even dogs speak English, and I speak dog’s language. Can you imagine? My dogs speak English and I speak dogs’, doggies’. And I have to sing to them, to calm them when they have trouble and sickness and pain. I have to soothe them with my hands and heal them also partially, not just the medicine, because some kind of karma if they bear, medicine alone cannot heal.

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