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Lời Tiên Tri Về Thời Đại Hoàng Kim, Phần 62 – Alice Bailey Tiên Đoán Về Sự Trở Lại Của Chúa Ki-tô (Thời Đại Mới)

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Today, we begin to explore the Golden Age prophecies of the British-born writer and teacher Alice Bailey, who was a notable pioneer of the New Age spiritual movement in the 20th century. "Ever down the ages, and at every great human crisis, always in the hours of necessity, at the founding of a new race, or in the awakening of a prepared humanity to a new and wider vision, the Heart of God – impelled by the Law of Compassion – sends forth a Teacher, a world Savior, an Illuminator, an Avatar, a transmitting Intermediary, a Christ." Alice Bailey revealed that Christ "has been with us in bodily Presence (according to His promise) FOR TWENTY CENTURIES." We noticed that Supreme Master Ching Hai has reincarnated on Earth almost continuously for twenty centuries since the time of Lord Jesus Christ. We determined this based on Master's occasional casual revelations and some of our Association members' own inner visions over the years, which by no means form a complete list of Her Holy manifestations.
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