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Live Simply to Be Free

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In our modern age, there is a collective mindset that life has more meaning when we do and achieve more. We are brainwashed by society into believing that an abundance of material things will give us long-lasting happiness and peace of mind. However, the sages and wise persons of the past and present have shared with our world a much different perspective. Albert Einstein, often regarded as the greatest scientist of the 20th century, perceptively wrote: “A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness.”

What are some steps we can take to set the foundation for a harmonious and tranquil lifestyle? Exercise done consciously can help us stay in touch with our body, boost circulation, and clear our mind. Every day we can do some easy exercises, for example, yoga, taichi, or qigong – no equipment is required. Weather permitting, going outside for a 15-minute walk is not only free but also brings tremendous physical, mental and emotional rewards.

We can also make daily meditation a priority. Try to meditate first thing in the morning, as early as possible, while the mind is calmer and the neighborhood is quiet. If possible, do it again later in the day to reconnect with our God-nature. We contemplate the Highest to elevate our consciousness and develop our wisdom, but it also has benefits for our physical well-being.

We can clear our home of unnecessary clutter and keep rooms neat and tidy to lift our spirits. For example, we can give clothes and shoes we don’t wear anymore to a secondhand store or homeless shelter. Donating books we will not read again to a school or public library is an excellent idea. Getting rid of anything we have not used in the last two years is a terrific method to quickly decide what we truly need to retain. An elegantly sparse home environment will aid in bringing clarity and peace of mind.

In his book “The Power of Less” vegan American author and minimalist Leo Babauta suggests some guiding principles for those of us who are coping with the complexity and stress of everyday life. The foundation of his advice is the ability to discern what is essential and what is unnecessary. We live simply when we use our wisdom to filter out everything unrelated to our priorities and focus only on the things that matter most.
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