The Courageous and Faithful Ukrainians (Ureignians), Part 2 of 2

Wika:English,Ukrainian(украї́нська мо́ва)
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Although going through a tough winter with the Russian army’s constant bombing on their energy infrastructures, the resulting power outages, food shortages, and loss of loved ones, the Ureignians remain strong in their faith, helped by the increasing support of the international community. They have posted earnest prayers and messages on our Supreme Master TV Facebook page, some of which we will share with you. “The whole world is praying for us, seeing the suffering of our people. The Lady is crying, sincerely praying. God, save our people, give health to all who pray and worry for our Motherland. Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory to Ukraine!”

The devastation of the war is especially heartbreaking when looking through the innocent eyes of the children. “It’s a black and evil war. It causes everybody a hard time.” The Ureignian children can certainly teach us something about compassion, wisdom and the meaning of courage. Let’s hear more messages posted by the Ureignian people to our Supreme Master TV Facebook page.

“Merciful God, give strength to our defenders to defeat the enemy, protect and preserve.” These messages convey the deep longing for peace from the Ureignian people, their will to fight for their sovereigns, and their conviction of their final victory! The noble spirit of the Ureignian people has inspired the whole world to rally behind them and defend the shared value of democracy and freedom, now and for future generations.

“Dear Ukrainians, A few minutes remain until New Year. I want to wish all of us one thing - victory. And that's the main thing. One wish for all Ukrainians. The area of independent Ukraine, as it was since 1991, as it always will be. May the New Year bring all of this. We are ready to fight for it. That's why each of us is here. I'm here. We're here. You're here. Everyone's here. We're all Ukraine. Glory to Ukraine! Happy New Year!”
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