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Virtuous Vegan People Will Be Protected by God Power, Part 5 of 5, Nov. 16, 2022

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All they have to do is just at least be vegan – then you are safer than the rest. And be virtuous and make peace. Just be vegan, make peace, do good deeds. That will ensure you your safety, your survival, in times of deep trouble or war, or famine. That is for sure. (Oh, good! Yes, Master.) Whatever happens, they just have to be vegan and ask for forgiveness, and live virtuously, benevolently, then they will be safe in any situation. (Yes, Master.)

If you happen to be somewhere without any electricity or gas for heating and you don’t have wood, or if you’re not in the forest and you cannot find any wood, or when it rains, and the wood doesn’t work, then you just wear double. Like, double trousers with some of these so-called long johns inside. And double upper clothes, with a fleece jacket or coat. (Yes, Master.) Then it will be warm.

Many people are homeless and they have to live like that. (Oh, yes. Yes.) They have to live maybe under the bridge or in a tent outside on the street somewhere, or some don’t have one – they just shiver somewhere in some abandoned corridor or something. (That’s right.) Terrible.

Some time ago, I wanted to feed the bird-people, but I could not because it was raining and it would get wet and soggy or flushed away. (Right.) And the bird-people also did not come because it was raining and wet and cold. And I feel so terribly sorry for them. (Oh.) I feel so hurt inside my heart. It aches, for all the beings on this planet. And I keep telling Heaven, “It is hell here. What for are they created and not well fed?” (Yes. Yes, Master.) Not having enough food, and the humans just keep spreading and keep breeding, and then they cut down everything, even like the Amazon jungle and many forests, and destroy many beneficial environments. (Yes, that’s right.)

When I was in Taiwan (Formosa), I lived in one place where the monkey-people kept coming to be fed. (Oh.) I fed them because they didn’t have food, and they kept digging in the garden for some roots and all that. And also some squirrel- and bird-people came also. Because the forest became smaller and smaller, and they don’t have enough territory to survive and to find food. (Yes, understand, Master.)

And my heart always aches everywhere I go, when I see the lack of basic survival for bird- or wild dog-, cat-, monkey-, fox- and squirrel-people, or whomever I see. When I look at them and I see them so tattered and not well rounded and shiny, – oh, I feel so pained, so pained. I said, “This world is no good, it’s no good.”

But of course, the virtuous people, the good people, they still have food, even if there is war or famine. If you are virtuous and humble, pray to God every day and love God, then you will have enough food. (Yes.) You will always have enough to survive. You’ll have enough food and clothes. The virtuous people will be protected by God Power, by Heaven. (Yes, Master.) Even if they are not my disciples. (Yes, Master.)

All they have to do is just at least be vegan – then you are safer than the rest. And be virtuous and make peace. Just be vegan, make peace, do good deeds. That will ensure you your safety, your survival, in times of deep trouble or war, or famine. That is for sure. (Oh, good! Yes, Master.) Whatever happens, they just have to be vegan and ask for forgiveness, and live virtuously, benevolently, then they will be safe in any situation. (Yes, Master.)

The humans, they’re destroying everything. They don’t fear God, they don’t love nature, they don’t appreciate what is given to them. That’s why we are in deep trouble right now, everywhere. (Yes, Master.) I just hope they U-turn, U-turn, U-turn, quick, quick, quick, quick – as quick as possible to save themselves physically and spiritually. (Yes.)

(We just hope things get better for everybody, and people listen to Master’s advice.) Yeah. We keep praying for that all the time. (Yes.) I’m praying every day. Because if you keep going under the rain, then you will get wet. That’s it. No matter who you are. (Yes, Master. Yes.) And at that time, don’t pray to God or Heaven if you keep staying in the rain. “Keep me dry. Keep me warm.” How? (Yes, exactly.)

Anyway, if you have nothing else, then we call it quits. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master. Thank You for Your time today. Thank You for calling.) Maybe next time again. I call whenever I can, whenever possible. I’m in a difficult situation, I cannot always call and not so easily. And even now, I’m risking it to call you and to talk to you, so that I can give also a message to the world and to all your brothers and sisters. (Yes. Understand, Master. Thank You, Master. We appreciate it.)

This is not for you alone. (Yes, Master.) It’s just because it’s easier to call you because you are an easy group. You have less ego. Now I tell you, don’t raise your ego up. (OK, understand, Master. Yes, Master.) Don’t make me have to keep trimming you, because it’s very tiring to trim your ego. (Yes, Master.) Tiring and it hurts me also in some aspects.

But I keep calling you guys because it’s convenient to call you and you are an easy group. Anytime, everywhere you go, you always prepare everything so that we can always communicate even with just a simple technique. You are always ready for anything, any time. Even if you don’t know, or you’re not sure whether or not I will call you, you’re always prepared. And that’s how you get it. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.)

It’s not like I prefer you or anything, in any way at all. (Understand, Master.) Honest to God. So, don’t feel too proud or “ego” anything, that I call you. (No, Master.) It’s just because I have to give also a message to all your brothers and sisters and the world out there. (That’s right, Master. Yes, Master.) That’s why. I have to find a way to call you, and also because you are prepared – any time. Any time, any minute, and I appreciate that. God bless you so that you’ll be a good instrument for our work, for the world.

Whoever can listen a little bit, through this conversation, it will help them. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) That they may change their life – they can become more virtuous, selfless, egoless, and God will bless them, God will save them. God will lift them up to Heaven. Do you understand the importance of our conversation? (Yes, we do, Master. Understand, Master.)

So, I appreciate your “always readiness,” and appreciate your “less and less ego” nowadays. You still make mistakes, of course, because if the zealous ghosts cannot get me, they try to get whoever works for me or with me. (Yes, Master.) And if you are low-level, you’ll be beaten very fast. Very fast, before you even know it. Before you could even think of why it happened. Why you said this, why you did that, why you asked for this, why you requested this. (Yes, Master.) Against your will. Against your noble aspiration and hope.

So, you have to always be more humble, be more thankful to God. Ask God for help. Ask Master Power for help. (Yes, Master. Understand.) Ask all angels or protectors to protect you from temptation. Because it’s so easy to be tempted in this world. Don’t you think? (Yes, Master. That’s true.)

That’s why I’m proud of you, that you are still there at your young age. That’s why God keeps giving you talent. It’s not yours. It’s given by Heaven to bless you, to sustain you in your noble work. It’s not for you to be proud of or to use it for any personal, selfish motive. (Yes, Master. Understand, Master.)

So, because you are still in your noble pursuit, I really am proud of you. And I’m very happy, happy, happy for you. And for me, to have such assistants to do God’s work. You should be proud that you do God’s work, not proud of anything else that you think you have or possess. (Understand, Master. Yes, Master.)

Alright, my love, God bless you and all your colleagues all over the world that help the world, that help to do God’s work. And God loves you and I love you. I really love you, all of you. (We love You, too, Master. Thank You, Master.) I mean, all the people all over the world who work with us on Supreme Master Television to help to spread good news, good energy and good vibes to help the world, as much as possible. Without our good energy, without Heaven’s blessings through us, the world would have been gone. That’s how serious it was. (Wow.)

So, you heard the words before, many predictions that the year 2000-something, the world would end. It did not end yet. (Yes, Master.) It would have ended. (Oh, wow!) And many predictions nowadays also say that 2023 will be terrible. It won’t be that terrible, as terrible as it should be. And many other things would have been worse if Heaven had not blessed the world through us, through our work, and through our meditation and prayers.

Do you understand now just how important our work is? (Yes, Master.) Don’t be proud. Just be grateful all the time that we can, that we’re strong enough to even house the blessings from Heaven to spread it out on Supreme Master Television to bless the world. (Yes. Understand, Master.)

Alright then. Now I’m tired. I need to put something in my stomach, I guess. You go eat, if you have not eaten. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master. Take care, Master.) I need to eat something because I work, work, work, work, work and then suddenly now I feel a little weak. (Yes, Master. Yes. Have a good meal, Master. Please take care, Master. Thank You, Master.) Love you and see you. Talk to you next time. (Love You, Master. May You always be safe and protected.) Thank you for everything.

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