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Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 162 - Christian Prophecies of the End Times

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“The Lord is Merciful, but woe to him who only awaits Mercy and not Justice from the Lord! Let not man be destroyed because of his folly.”

“Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day, our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.”

According to the Christian prophecies, if humanity does not repent and U-turn in time away from wickedness, God’s Wrath could manifest in multiple horrific ways. One of the more often foreseen scenarios by the Catholic mystics is the Three Days of Darkness. As Blessed Anna Maria Taigi of Italy saw in her inner vision two hundred years ago: “There will come upon the earth immense darkness that will last three days and three nights. Nothing will be visible and the air will be noxious and pestilential and will cause harm, although not exclusively to the enemies of religion…”

In another example of Divine punishment, Saint Hildegard of Bingen, from medieval Germany, prophesied a comet striking the Earth. “[After the] great comet, the great nation will be destroyed by earthquakes, storms and great surges of water, causing many plagues. The ocean will also flood many other countries, so all coastal cities will live in fear, and many will be destroyed. For in none of these cities has a person lived according to the laws of God.”

Furthermore, many seers have spoken of fire raining down from the skies. The breatharian mystic Therese Neumann from Bavaria, Germany said: “There will come a time when man and the earth will be so dirty and corrupt that there will be no other solution outside of that of a general cleansing, of a deluge. But this time it will be a deluge of fire. I saw coming down from the sky an enormous amount of dry leaves. And on each leaf was a spark of fire.”

These unsettling visions may seem like fiction, but modern scientists have made sense of them as potential real scenarios. For instance, Dr. David Morrison, from the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), stated that if a large-enough comet impacted the Earth, cities and forests would all catch on fire due to the vast shower of flaming debris. Hence, Therese Neumann’s imagery of falling, burning “leaves,” and the clairvoyants were not exaggerating when they said that “a raging fire will fall on the whole world.” Also, the dust from a comet’s impact would block out all sunlight for many months! This certainly resembles the so-called Three Days of Darkness. Even the “noxious and pestilential air” that Blessed Anna Maria Taigi mentioned is accurate, as the comet would unleash sulfur and other toxic gases. Due to all these effects, most life forms would go extinct.

Similarly, a large asteroid strike could cause a polar shift, leading to massive coastal flooding – just as Saint Hildegard of Bingen predicted. An asteroid could also create a global firestorm, vaporizing all life in its path, most certainly humans…

“(Master, in a previous conference, Master mentioned that She could cast a new protective ring around the world to help during this difficult time on Earth. How does this protective ring work?) It works like protecting the planet, so it doesn’t explode. (Wow. My God.) That’s the second time. The first time I cast, it’s for peace. This second time, it’s for physical protection of the planet, and that the people, whoever still can live here, are safe. (Thank You, Master.) So that comets will not hit our planet, for example. (Wow.) Or the sun flare will not burn up our world. (Wow.) Many things could happen. Or high tsunamis will not destroy cities. …”

Some of our Association members have witnessed Supreme Master Ching Hai’s extreme interventions to protect our planet.

“(When I was meditating in 2010, I saw that the Earth was about to be hit by an asteroid. When it was very urgent and dangerous, Master successively deployed three layers and three transparent ‘energy shields’ on the far side of space to cover the Earth. A protective shield also covered the Moon, and the distant shield even included Mars. As a result, the asteroid bounced away, and only the fragments approached the Earth, eliminating a crisis.

Last year in 2020, there was another crisis of an asteroid about to hit the Earth. In my meditation, I saw that this asteroid was broken up into smaller planets in space by Master when it was still far away from the Earth. When the asteroid passed the Earth, Master still used the same protective shield to protect the Earth, avoiding a great collision with the asteroid.

If those two asteroids really hit the Earth, it would have been an event with serious consequences as shown in the figure below. Master has repeatedly helped the Earth escape danger, but people do not understand Master’s great Kindness. They thought it was avoided naturally. It is difficult to use any worldly language to describe how shocking it was to witness the scene and to express my gratitude to Master. I cannot thank Master enough. I would like to send my most sincere wishes to Master – I wish Master all the best and good health!)”

Indeed, our lives are deeply, deeply indebted to the Merciful Grace that Supreme Master Ching Hai, the Christ of our times, has been bestowing on our world till now, through Her silent, unimaginable Sacrifice.

Master also once told us: “No one knows anything about how Heavens bless and protect those with so minimal virtue!” But this Divine Mercy is not available to humans forever. If we all do not turn to a benevolent vegan lifestyle in time, Divine Justice will be due; bigger calamities could come.

“The Lord is Merciful, but woe to him who only awaits Mercy and not Justice from the Lord! Let not man be destroyed because of his folly.” ~ Gladys Quiroga de Motta

“Justice has to be done. Even in this world, if somebody kills somebody, then you have to do prison time. Or even be executed, depends on the country. So how would we go on killing all these innocents en masse like this and then get away with murder? No! Not possible. It would have been possible if they stopped it long ago, some years ago, then it’s easier for me to help. Right now, I can only help their souls. It’s easier to talk to their souls than when they are alive with the soul in their body.

But even then, they need to have some excuse, some merit for me to do it, because they didn’t do it early enough. I just can help those who are, like, having some little excuse somewhere, or believing in me somehow or having some respect for me somehow. And even if I can have my blessings for the whole world, and the pandemic gets better, tsunamis don’t come and all that stuff, even if I can do all that, I won’t tell you. If I tell you and guarantee like that, then everybody continues to kill each other and to torture the animals just for their taste, when they have plenty of other things to eat.”

I’m telling you, right now I’m worried about something very much more serious. Everybody should worry because if, after all, if I fail to negotiate, if humans continue their barbarous ways, things could happen to the whole world, and sudden. Nobody has time to prepare. Just like the pandemic. You got that? (Yes, Master.) I really lost sleep over that. I’m trying my best, of course.”

After the Great Tribulation, what will become of our world? The Christian mystics say there is hope of “a new world,” but it only comes after great loss… In the end, a small minority would survive – the good and repentant at heart.

“Soon there will be a new world. The earth will become like a desert; however, there will remain enough inhabitants to repopulate it.”

“My spirit wanders and my eyes become obscured at the sight of this frightening cataclysm. But the Spirit said to me that man should have hope in God and do penance, because the All-Mighty Lord is merciful and will draw the world out of chaos and a new world will start again.”

“The new Earth would be like Heaven, that worthy beings will be led into and live there, where they’ll live in happiness and blissful contentment, where there will be no war, no hunger, no hatred among all creations – just love, harmony and peace and happiness – either here, after screening out, or in another dimension for all the worthy people.

Either, if we can keep this world, then only virtuous people will stay and then the world will become paradise; or if we can keep this Earth, then there will be more intensive screening out. It’s categorized into, more or less, two different groups, virtuous and less virtuous. (Yes, Master.) So the less virtuous people will be sent to live elsewhere on another planet, in another kind of existence, which is more or less like what we have here. And [there are] the people who are left behind or maybe elevated to a different planet that is better for them.”

Message from Lord Jesus Christ at Heede, Germany 1945: “I am coming and with me peace shall come. I will build my Kingdom with a small number of elect. I will make my Light shine, which to some will be blessing and to others darkness. My dear children: the hour is drawing near. I am coming! Blessed are those who are ready, blessed are those who will listen to me.”

God cannot be patient forever seeing us harming other fellow co-inhabitants. But if we stop, we repent, God will immediately forgive and forget and we will all enjoy this life in abundance, happiness, and go to Heaven when we leave this world. I promise. Heavens are my witness, God is my witness.

The planet may survive, the world might make it but those who ignore their conscience or and live off the suffering of other innocent beings, such as animal slaughtering, they will not be spared of judgment. So act by your loving-hearted inherent nature. Governments of the world and citizens of the world, work together in unison to make our world a happy place to live. To leave behind a better planet for our children. […]

May God still bless our world. May God still be with us all.”

Most Beloved Master, precious Vessel of God’s great Mercy, we humbly express our most sincere and deepest gratitude for Your selfless Sacrifice over the ages and boundless unconditional Love for all beings. We pray that all will surrender with a repentant heart to the Grace being extended to humankind ‒ before it is too late. Thus, may as many souls as possible have lasting peace on Earth as well as true eternal life in Heaven. Amen!

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