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PEACE: The Bigger Picture of Public Service, part 9 of 10

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He prays for peace. (Yes.) That’s what I know inside. (Wow!) Heaven told me that he prays for peace. (Wow!) (That’s amazing!) You cannot cheat God. (Yes.) You cannot blind Heaven. So They know. (Yes, Master.) Anyway, peace is the most precious thing that any president can give to his country and the world.

I am not running for president, so nobody can worry that I become a politician. And my humble little voice from Asia, what does it do anyway? So, we are not Americans; we can be free to speak, without worrying about being unpopular or not voted for. You guys still vote for me. (Yes, Master.) Yeah, I’m your Master, please. Don’t impeach me. Please. If you do, I will be so happy that I have an excuse to just go somewhere, do some things for myself. (Yes.) Painting. Or making more songs. Nowadays I don’t have anything for pleasure anymore. I asked somebody to bring me the mandolin but I have not even looked at it. I have no time to even look at it. (Yes, Master.) Of course, I am looking at it, like hanging in another corner, but I don’t remember until now. I saw it there in the corner hanging there but I never had time.

It’s good that we do remote conferences so I don’t have to really dress up so much. I have only a few pairs of clothes, and this is I think the one that I can look decent in. The last decent looking one. Maybe I have to go and get it somewhere else if I need another conference. I don’t want to bore you with the same shirt all the time. And lucky I just have, maybe four of them, so you see four types up to now. (Yes, Master.) That’s all the decent ones I have. If I don’t go back to the old place and get something or tell somebody get some more for me, then that’s all. We can recycle again and again. Why did I talk about this? What is it? Ah, so I don’t worry about not (being) voted for. (Yes, Master.) Or writing bad comments on the newspapers. I don’t care. They did all these years. (Yes.) It’s just a test for the faithful, to know who has enough wisdom to continue this path. And also to test who has a higher level of spiritual attainment so that they understand what is what. (Yes, Master.) The low-level people, they just fall miserably. Just fall like dry leaves. (Yes.) Not to talk about outside people. (Yes, Master.) So, it’s all destiny, all karma. What can I do? I try to help quietly, I mean behind the scenes. (Yes, Master.) Behind all my talk, I do other things to help people and the animals. So, what else is there? Did I finish talking about that?

(You were mentioning something about China?) Oh, yeah. Most countries in the world, they fear China. Because they also have big muscle. (Yes.) And they have a big population. (Yes.) And they have weapons. (Yes.) Destructive ones. Mass destructive ones. Do they have atomic bomb? (Yes, Master. They do.) Yes. You see that? Even India has that. Anyway, just to protect themselves, they think. Because other countries have, they must have, that’s what they think. That’s why Koreans also had kind of developed nuclear warheads. They were developing, according to reports. I heard one time before the retreat long ago the Dear Comrade Kim Jong Un announced that he’s also a father and he doesn’t want his children to have these nuclear arms on their back, something like that. (Yes.) He deserves more praises from the world. And whatever things that they do here and there, there was sometimes a subordinate, or sometimes other family members or government member, maybe try to protect his reputation, so maybe do something, like blowing up an office. But otherwise, not from him. (Yes.) Why do we talk about that now? About President Trump. So, he kind of has a part in that, of this peace and nuclear-free world. (Yes.) So, I’m very happy. I’m glad that there is such a president. And about voting for him or not, or people support him, there are always some pros and cons anyway.

Even if many books that you say are written about him, or his family is against him and all that, but that’s just personal stuff. (Yes.) And it’s the past. You have to look into the present and the future. Maybe he made some mistakes, politically, or other things, environmentally, but he’s a businessman. He thinks what the businessman thinks. So, maybe he will change. Maybe he will become the first president to tell people not to eat meat anymore and to forbid meat. Who knows? Not forbid, but like, making the rules, (Yes.) or vegan rules or something. Who knows? I just hope. So, if he becomes president again, maybe he could reverse all the things that he did unfavorably, according to the report. Maybe, maybe not. But at least he did something good already. (Yes, Master.) So, I know some of you don’t agree, why I gave him Shining World Peace Leader Award, but I don’t regret. (Yes, Master.) I think he did a good job, in this field. (Yes.) I only gave him Peace Award. I didn’t give him, like, a Best Brother, Best Uncle Award. I know nothing about their family strife. (Yes, Master.) It happens in every country, in every family. Families have conflict. (Yes, Master.) Because of personal interest, because of situation, because of things that make it difficult. Because of karma. If we talk about spiritual farsight then it’s the karma. I hope you’re happy that I gave him Peace Award. (Yes. We’re happy, Master.) It’s good that we clear it today by your question. (Yes, Master.) And I hope the Americans will be blessed more with whatever president they will choose for the next term. (Yes, Master.)

It’s just I don’t know how President Trump withstands all this, with all the attacks aimed at him, whether or not it’s true. (Yes.) I don’t know how he still does his job. This is very terrible. If I were president, I’d run. Too much attack. (Yes, Master.) And very little encouragement. But there’s always some people who support and some people against anyway. Any president. You see all the presidents, they have at least half and half. (Yes.) Even President Obama before, or President Carter. He’s supposed to be a peaceful guy, very pure-hearted farmer. Still, people were against him also. (Yes.) Then why he trusted his wife to go here, go there. Why not? If she’s capable and if he’s busy, why doesn’t he send his wife to meet other leaders? Why not? They’re in it together. Some women are clever. (Yes.) And they say, “Behind a great man is a great woman.” (Yes.) But they just find anything to criticize. I think people vote for a president to come into office so that they can have something to gossip about. To criticize about, or to grill, or to crucify, whatever. I wouldn’t want to be president in that country, especially America. (Yes, Master.) I’m just an honorary citizen, so it’s OK to talk a little bit about that country. It concerns me a little bit, right? (Yes, Master.) I have a little right to talk about it. (Yes, Master.) I’m multi, honorary citizen. (Yes, Master.) Yeah, I’m better than you Americans here. You’re only one-time citizen. I’m multiple, honorary citizen of America. Be proud that you have a Master that’s a multiple honorary citizen, just honorary. I have no right, no profit, no benefit there, but I have a little privilege to talk about it. (Yes, Master.) Now I come to think about it, I’m an honorary citizen of America, so I could talk about Americans, right? (Yes, Master.) I could talk about the president, right? (Yes, Master.) Yes or no? (Yes, Master.) It’s legal or not? (Legal, Master.) Well, legitimate. (Yes.) At least 50%. Normally you are not a real citizen, so you have 50% privilege to talk about it, but I’m multiple! Multiple citizens award! So, I think I’m a little  “more of a citizen” than some Americans. (Yes.) Wow, I’m so proud. I’m just joking between us. I think some states gave me honorary citizenship. And the keys for cities, and key for the state and all that, so I think I am legitimate. (Very, very much so.) Just to talk about it. Well, good that you asked. Thank you. (Thank You, Master.)

Are you happy with my answer? (Yes, Master.) Not feeling bad in your heart (No, Master.) because I give the Peace (Award) for the wrong guy? (No, Master.) No. He deserves it. I have to tell you. He deserves it, (Yes, he does.) whatever motive. (Yes.) It’s not about just the motive, it’s you’re successful in such a good thing. (Yes.) Of course, he’s a politician. He has to do what’s politically favorable for him and his party. (Yes.) Nothing wrong. But it’s good for countless people, and generations of people have more peace in their heart. They can go on with their lives without feeling oppressed in their hearts, and fear, and sleepless because of maybe a war coming, (Yes.) in Arabian country, in Israel. (Yes.) That is something to be thankful for and to praise. We thank God for that. Any more opinions about this? (Yes, Master. What I know is President Trump, he’s very religious. He really has great faith in Jesus Christ and he does not drink nor smoke.) Oh. (And I think he’s so special because he’s a businessman and when you meet many people and you don’t drink and smoke, but he’s still very successful and now he even became the president. So, like You say, maybe he’s a special soul, that God put him there.) Yeah. Of course. But you see, the thing is, he’s religious in his heart also. He prays for peace. (Yes.) That’s what I know inside. (Wow!) Heaven told me that he prays for peace. (Wow!) (That’s amazing!) You cannot cheat God. (Yes.) You cannot blind Heaven. So They know. (Yes, Master.) Anyway, peace is the most precious thing that any president can give to his country and the world. (Yes.) If he makes peace for Israel and Arabs, that means also peace for Americans. (Yes.) They should be happy. (Yes, Master.) Because also Arab countries and America have not been peaceful together. (Yes, Master.) Due to ideology, due to geography, religions, whatever. (Yes, Master.) So like this is very good for Americans. They should know that. (Yes.) They should know that. They should be happy that the world has peace and the Arab countries have peace with Israel, because Israel is also connected with America. You know, right? (Yes.) They have business together; they have like a partnership. So if peace for Israel, means peace also for America. That’s why I’m happy about it. (Yes, Master.) Peace for my country. My honorary country.

Actually, I am also very, grateful to Americans because they give me more awards than any other country I can think of. (Yes, Master.) It’s not about the award, it’s the honor attached to it. And it’s their sincerity, it’s their respect. (Yes.) And they gave it to me when I was nobody. I mean, I was a little Master, but we didn’t have television, nothing. Not many people knew me. (Yes.) They can see through. (Yes.) And that was the best treatment I received in this world – from Americans. (Wow.) So, if I talk good about your country or care about your country, that is natural. (Yes.) Not that I am a busybody or politically motivated for votes or anything or benefit or anything. You know I don’t receive anything from anybody. (Yes, Master.) I mean, maybe a box of tea, OK, now and then. If some big person gives me a box of tea, I take it. Just to make them happy. But I return something else. (Yes, Master.) So, I don’t gain anything from this. I just talk fair and justly. (Yes.) And the Americans should be happy and thankful for Mr. Trump for what he did. For what he can do. Other things he cannot do, then maybe he will do it, if he’s in a better state or in a better situation to decide. He has more time to think. (Yes.) Being a president, sometimes you don’t have time. You just decide whatever your advisor tells you. And that is a very difficult situation. If he has more time, if he goes meditation more, or retreat or whatever, maybe he can think more, maybe a better position. Or maybe they move the Oval Office somewhere else. (Yes, Master.) As I have said, better location.

Just like in Europe, like in England, for example. The government locked down, and everybody stayed at home for a while, and things were getting better. (Yes, Master.) And then, people and politically motivated groups or individuals began to pressure the government. And they bowed to the pressure, and then let the country open again. And now, the number of infected people spiked up, (Yes.) so fast and so much more than when it was at peak season, like for example in March or April. (Yes, Master.) Worse than that. Also, in France, similar situation. In America, at one time it was many places locked down, and then people also went out on the street and protested. Then it’s opened, and then it gets more infections. And then mostly children before also were not going to school. And then people also have other opinions, saying lockdown is worse for the children than the pandemic. So, the schools opened again, and it is stated in the news that the children went to school and they all got infected. So, I don’t know who would really like to be a president or a leader of a country, no matter what name you call it – prime minister or king or queen. Lucky you’re not. (Yes, Master.) Because I also know what it’s like to be in a position of a leader. People lift you up and they can also smash you down, anytime. Lucky the disciples, those who practice well, they have good experience inside, so they understand. Those who don’t practice well, remain in lower level, they are not going anywhere, they are prone to criticize or doing wrong things by themselves. (Yes, Master.) The world is like that, since time immemorial.

Even to wear a mask, people don’t want to wear. They went also to the street to protest. (Yes, Master.) Just to wear a mask when you go out, not long. When you are at home you do what you want. It’s to protect yourself. Because actually, even if you wear a mask which is not as good as the professional one, it still protects you somewhat, because you have less bacteria, less virus penetrating into your mouth when you’re talking, if somebody is infected next to you, or you are inhaling what he has just exhaled. The less bacteria, the less virus enter your body, the less sick you’ll become. (Yes, Master.) Or less bacteria, less virus, your body immunity system can fight it off. But if it’s too heavy laden, if you don’t wear a mask and you breathe in a whole lot of people’s droplets or air which contain small droplets, you still get sick. Get sick more seriously and difficult to cure. (Yes, Master.) If you’re sick but not too serious, you can still recover and the doctor still can help you. But if you’re heavily infected with tons of bacteria because you didn’t cover your mouth, then it’s difficult to survive, and it could be fatal because of that. (Yes, Master.) Because your body cannot fight too much of the invasion of the bacteria. It’s just like anything. If you have been just sprinkled, a few sprays of water, then you don’t get that wet, not soaking wet. But if you are not covered with an umbrella or some other protective measures and you expose yourself to a water hose, then of course you get all wet, and it takes a long time to dry. If you don’t have a means to dry, then you have to bear the wetness. And then you might catch a cold. You might have pneumonia, etc., etc. So the mask does help. Because right now, I mean, we are swimming in disease everywhere, we have all kinds of disease in this world. You never know when you catch what. (Yes, Master.) So if you still want to go on with your life as normal as possible, then do protect yourselves. I don’t know why people even go out to protest the government just for not wearing masks! How difficult can that be, just to wear a mask? Just for peace sake. And then when nobody’s around, you can take it off. When you feel you are safe, then you can take it off. Just when you mingle with many people, and even if they don’t have COVID-19, they might have other infectious disease. And they might infect you just the same. Well, what I am saying is, it’s not that easy to be a leader. OK, now you know. Don’t ever wish to be a leader. Or even a Master. Spiritual teacher or Master, also similar. Just enjoy your life quietly, low profile. Do your job, whatever your job is, enjoy. Enjoy your peace and privacy. Anyways, so that’s enough for now. (Thank You, Master.) You are happy, right? (Very, very happy.)

Is there anything else I forgot? I look. Ah! Yeah, yeah. Because you had told me information about him, so I’m also having some other kind of thinking, like he’s a rich man now, right? (Yes.) He failed before, but he became rich again, yes? (Yes, Master.) Billionaire or millionaire? (Billionaire.) OK. So, one thing you don’t have to worry about him is he will not take bribes. (Yes.) He will not be corrupted. (Oh, that’s true.) And so, maybe if something is not right, he will say “no.” (Yes.) So that’s what I said. Everybody is afraid of China because of business and all that, he’s not. You see that? (Yes.) He refuses them outright now. I’m not saying that it’s good. (Yes.) I don’t say good or bad about that. But what I mean is, he is fearless. (Yes.) Normally, he was in friendship with China. (Yes.) But now, because of the pandemic or whatever reason, he cut them off. He kind of cut off many businesses and good ties with China. You saw that? (Yes.) So, he’s not a bribable man. (Yes.) Maybe he did some wrong things, but because he believes in it, (Yes.) believes as a business person. And everybody would not dare to cut ties with China or do anything to offend China. He did. You know that. (Yes.) So, you can trust him that he will not take bribes or he will not do things because of personal friendship or personal liking, personal interest. You see that? (Yes.) And his family, many support him. Only one or two maybe not. (Yes.) They are a rich family, so you don’t fear that even his son or daughter will take bribes from somebody to do something. (Yes.) For personal favor or anything.

And… What else? So maybe in the future, if he is still there, if he thinks meat is not good for people, if he knows all about it, if he does research about it and then he thinks it’s not good, he would not take lobbying for an answer. He would just outrightly refuse. (Yes.) Because he refused many other things that he knows is no good. (Yes.) It’s just vegan he did not know. Many people did not know about it. I did not know about all these bad things about non-vegan before. (Yes.) I know meat is no good, killing is no good, but I did not know all this cruelty going on behind the closed doors in the meat factory. (Yes.) And the egg business even! I thought, “OK, vegetarian people, they eat eggs. OK.” But it’s so cruelsome, so gruesome. They kill the baby chickens like that. (Yes.) Just ground them alive. (Yes.) I did not know that either, myself. Why do I study about these things? I did not know. (Yes, Master.) And I thought milk was OK because a cow would have abundant milk, enough for the calf and also we take some. (Yes.) And then if it’s too much, it’s uncomfortable for the mother cow, so they took some. But I didn’t know to the extent that they abuse the cows until their skin even falls off, or the bones crumble that they cannot even stand up. Squeezing like lemons until the last drop like that. (Yes.) And feed them with hormones and all that, so that they have more milk. I did not know. I mean, normal people would not know anything like this. Would they? (No, Master.) No! You also did not know, did you? (We did not.) No! And lucky we do Supreme Master TV now. We research more and more, and people give us more information and the internet. Before, I didn’t know what the internet means anyway. I don’t use anything like that. I did not need. And now we know more and more. I’m just crying every day whenever I see the photos or the images of the abused and tortured animals, and it lasts me a long, long time. And before I wean off that, it’s another picture, another image coming because I have to edit shows every day. And then my heart is painful every day because of the animals. I could die for them ten thousand, endless times, just to help them, but I cannot. It doesn’t work that way, that’s all.

And maybe he offends many people because he speaks too bluntly. (Yes.) That’s one of the reasons I thought he could not be a president before. I thought people wouldn’t vote for him. He speaks too bluntly. Maybe too frankly and not president-like, not polished-kind of trained speech. (Yes.) But that is just some personal stuff. As I said already, the world is in shortage of good politicians, so we just take what is there. (Yes, Master.) Even if he’s not good, but he’s not a saint. A president is not a saint. (Yes.) He does what he thinks is the best, or what he is advised by his assistants to do. Whatever character or personality he has, it also depends on his education and background, and family. So you cannot just blame him alone. (Yes, Master.) As long as he can do good for the world and for Americans in the general way, in the big picture, not small, small things in small corners. (Yes, Master.) You cannot do things for everybody, in a minute and detailed way. A president can only do what he can in his time, his situation, his capacity. They still push him to do the second term. They say the American president can only do real American citizen business only in the first 100 days. After that, it’s about the second term already. (Yes.) Have to prepare, have to recruit, have to plan, all kinds of things, that’s what they said. American people say that in the press. But still, he managed to do all that, what he had done for the world and for the Americans. That’s already OK. I mean, not enough, of course, but for what he is and for what his situation and his office, what background and the country, all that, and the karma, it’s already not bad. (Yes, Master.)

What is your question, inspired me…? I think that is about it. And one thing. I think, what a family he has! And he still can function. With all that blowing in the face and he still functions. But these are past already. Family should not air dirty laundry like that, I think. (Yes, Master.) But this is karma and his family rival and conflict. Nobody can avoid that. In my little opinion, if one family member became famous or powerful or is working for the national or international interest, then the whole clan, not just family members or close family members, the whole clan should be proud and should help him or her to be more effective in helping the country or stabilizing the world, (Yes, Master.) instead of picking on each other and distracting the voted, famous and strong family member so that he/she cannot fulfill her mission, her job more effectively. (Yes, Master.) I would pray for President Trump.

I just hope the American people forgive him for whatever they think he did wrong, if he did wrong. And I just hope that they will be choosing the one that’s good for them and good for the world. Because Americans and the world, we’re all one. (Yes.) What happens to your country, America, it also will have a ripple effect in the world. (Yes, Master.) I just hope the American people will be more contented with whatever they will be choosing in the future. (Yes, Master.) And I wish the candidates all the best, in God’s grace, and that whatever God has chosen, that will be done. (Yes, Master.) No humans can really, truly choose a president, no matter what. It is the karma of the whole country, or God chosen. (Yes, Master.) Of course, you are Americans and you worry about your country. I am “half American.” I am also “half worried” about my country. OK, then, that’s it for now, and we’ll talk next time. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.)

You are still happy with what you have? (Yes, Master.) (Every day. Take care of Yourself, Master.) Well, I try my best, I’m telling you. But I still think I am superwoman, how I do all this every day. (Yes, You are.) Sometimes I thought to myself, “Oh God, I need a husband!” Not a joke, because a husband is more intimate, can help you do many things, next to you. Otherwise, no one else can be next to you 24/7 and then help you with this and that. (Yes, Master.) But I’m just thinking. I don’t want to, because maybe he brings more trouble than help. Mostly like that. Mostly like that, because they say, “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.” We don’t mix. Actually, I don’t have time for a husband because a husband also needs something. (Yes.) Even if I want to, I don’t want. I’m glad I don’t have any. Thank you. (Thank You, Master.) All right, so you should not wish for any wife either, because you don’t know what you get into. (Yes.) You still don’t believe me; you want to try? (No, Master. No try.) Good. Very wise, very wise. Bravo! All right. God bless all of you, (God Bless You, Master.) and God takes note of all of the things that you do for the world and helping me, old woman. Thank you so much, all of you. (Thank You, Master.) (We love You. We love You, Master.) Thank you. I also love you for all that you do for the world and helping me a lot. God loves you, I’m sure. I thank you all, in-house and out-house, and all people in the world, all the helping hands in the world. Including those who are not my so-called disciples, but helping the world in promoting vegan, making peace. They don’t have to be my disciples; they are doing that and they are better than my disciples. (Yes, Master.) They are more than just disciples in my heart. (Yes.) Be Vegan, Make Peace. People who do that are my disciples. I will bless them. I will help them anyway I can. (Yes, Master.) Thank you. (Thank You, Master.) Love you. (We love You, Master.) Ciao, ciao! (Ciao, ciao, Master.)

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