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Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 105 - The Great Saint in the Chinese Prophecies

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“Even if you are a diamond or bronze arhat, YOU WILL NOT BE PROTECTED UNLESS YOU ARE PRACTICING BENEVOLENCE. Be alert and take precautions, it will be hard for anyone to get through the difficulties.

In our previous episode, we began exploring the “Averting Calamity Inscription,” written by Liu Bowen, one of China’s most esteemed prophets of the past. This famous work has drawn more attention recently as people realized that the “calamity” in Liu Bowen’s “Averting Calamity Inscription” was referring to the COVID-19 pandemic, along with other chaotic events we see in our world today. “Well, it all starts last December, when some people in Wuhan, China come down with an unusual form of pneumonia...” “It sounds biblical, but as the world grapples with the COVID pandemic, the continent of Africa is facing another plague - locusts...” “Now to Australia, where they're facing those massive fires already among the worst in that country’s history.”

Then, the prophet tells us the way to avert the calamity, as said in the title of the inscription: “Even if you are a diamond or bronze arhat, YOU WILL NOT BE PROTECTED UNLESS YOU ARE PRACTICING BENEVOLENCE. Be alert and take precautions, it will be hard for anyone to get through the difficulties. Here, Liu Bowen says that even an arhat, a Buddhist term for one who has attained a certain spiritual level and is considered a good person, is not guaranteed protection unless he/she practices benevolence. “Be alert and take precautions,” the prophet also warns, because it is hard for anyone to get through the difficulties. Deeply concerned for humankind, Supreme Master Ching Hai has been repeatedly sending out the same message: “You have to really have good merit, benevolent merit in order to protect yourself. But we do what we can in the world, we do what we think is logical, is the best. Still wear the mask, wear the face shield, wear hat, wear gloves, if you absolutely have to go out.Since early this year, Master shared many hygiene tips, some even personally recorded Herself, which are available at

In addition, She has been sacrificing Her precious time, peace, and concentration needed for Her intensive meditation retreat, in order to remind people to take the pandemic seriously and protect themselves – especially by practicing benevolence through the vegan diet. As Liu Bowen also said, “YOU WILL NOT BE PROTECTED UNLESS YOU ARE PRACTICING BENEVOLENCE.” “Because kindness will beget kindness, and compassion will beget compassion. Mercy will beget mercy from Heavens. ‘As you sow, so shall you reap.’” “World Vegan will breed lasting World Peace, will breed benevolent energy for all beings, including humans, and then they won’t get such sickness again. Even if they have to go through this sickness now, [if] they turn vegan, in the future we don’t have any more pandemics or epidemics anymore.”

In his “Averting Calamity Inscription,” Liu Bowen tells us more about our turmoil-filled cleaning period on Earth: Only one-tenth of the poor will survive, and even fewer rich people – only two or three out of 10,000 – will survive. Rich or poor, if they do not repent, death awaits. “Out of 10,000 poor people, one thousand will remain. Out of 10,000 rich people, two or three will remain. If the rich and the poor do not repent, then the loss of life is near. Etc… The prophecy raises the question: Why will very few of the rich survive compared to the poor? Perhaps is it because the rich and powerful, in particular, the owners of large, harmful industries such as the meat and weapons businesses, plus the government leaders who fail to take life-protecting actions, have created more bad karma than the average citizen. Also because the rich and powerful could afford more killer meals such as animals’ meat, fish, eggs, milk, etc… which are bad retribution-laden: Those retributions that drag souls to hellfire and damnation!

Master also warned that apart from suffering in this life, they would be sentenced to endless hell in the afterlife, unless they repent and change. “Dear all animal meat business persons, groups, and livestock factory owners, fishing, egg, milk, fur, lab test, cosmetics and leather industries: This is what hell will sentence you for: For cashing in and living wealthily at the cost of hundreds of millions of humans’ and animals’ pain and suffering daily. For separating families and friends because of meat-related diseases and death and consequences. For causing the climate emergency by your heat-trapping, methane-producing way of livestock raising for gain, and ignoring the lives of billions on our planet, including precious species that are in danger of extinction. And many have been already on the list of extinction. For dragging humanity into a degrading status of disgusting cannibalism, from what we are supposed to be; the benevolent children of God! The crown of the creation. Thus, they could be also subjected to terrifying purgatory. ..... U-turn now, because you are also shooting yourself and will drag yourself earlier to your grave by meat-related diseases, or/and your family members. And earlier to awaiting demons in hell, who will torture you, no-end. Repent now when you still have a chance. Make it over. Begin a new life. I promise to intervene with Heaven on your behalf. I will be there to help you.” “And if you’re a leader and you don’t lead people in the right direction, then you should abdicate, actually. Pardon my straightforward words. Being a leader, it’s not just to enjoy sitting there with all the privilege and all the luxury afforded to you, and you forget that people, children, animals, are agonizing every day for your piece of meat and whatever you did not do to help to change the climate for the better and to save lives for people and for the animals. So that will be in your conscience. You will not get away with it, because Heaven records everything. You know that. All the scriptures say the same thing. It’s not I who have to even say that. And I don’t apologize for what I’m telling you, because you know it also.” Etc…

However, whether one is rich or poor, the prediction’s main point is that ALL humans must be repentant and change. “The planet may survive, the world might make it but those who ignore their conscience or and live off the suffering of other innocent beings, such as animal slaughtering, they will not be spared of judgment. So act by your loving-hearted inherent nature. Governments of the world and citizens of the world, work together in unison to make our world a happy place to live. To leave behind a better planet for our children.”

“If asking: ‘When will the GREAT PEACE come?’ The time when a bridge is built to welcome the new Lord. This verse says that the great peace will come when the world welcomes the Savior, meaning they would also welcome and heed Her message.

The final passage of the “Averting Calamity Inscription” emphasizes the True Lord’s message of salvation. It is a message that is a great “treasure,” which is far more precious than money and will never collapse even when the ground below opens. “Silver and money are precious but if one sees through them, they are no longer needed, Indeed it (the message from the True Lord) is a treasure, it does not collapse even when the ground splits open. Seven people walk on one road, temptations enter the mouth (TRUTHFULNESS) Three dots and a hook (HEART), eight kings with twenty mouths (BENEVOLENCE). “Seven people walk on one road, temptations enter the mouth” refers to the ancient Chinese character for “truthfulness” (眞). When each word in the phrase such as “seven,” “people,” “one,” “temptation,” and “mouth,” are combined, it forms the word for “truthfulness.” “Three dots and a hook” describes the word “heart” (心). And “Eight kings with twenty mouths” is another Chinese character puzzle that refers to the character “benevolence” (善). Thus, being “TRULY BENEVOLENT FROM THE HEART” is the True Lord’s message to survive the calamity. “BE BENEVOLENT IN YOUR HEART. It works well even when the world is falling apart. “It’s very chaotic at the moment. It’s not only the pandemic that kills people, there are other things as well. Other old epidemics/pandemics are also still ongoing. And now we have even floods, torrential rains and landslides in many places, and the locust disaster in many places, bee declines, also droughts everywhere, and farmers – helpless; no one can help them. It’s worrisome for our world, some people worry that due to all this, we will have food shortage. We already have anyway. I HOPE EVERYBODY WAKES UP QUICK, QUICK, QUICK. BE VEGAN TO USE THIS COMPASSIONATE, BENEVOLENT, SUSTAINING ENERGY IN ORDER TO SAVE OUR PEOPLE, OUR WORLD.” “If they are vegan right now, except the small or some inevitable consequences of the past karmic deeds that they have to endure this lifetime, we don’t have any more pandemic, we don’t have any more sicknesses – we would have forever peace between nations. Everyone will be happy, have everything to eat. All the harvests will be plentiful again. Animals will have peace also. All beings will have peace.”

“Everyone laughs happily, everyone lives in peace. Everyone can show it, everyone can spread it. If someone prints and gives it to you, don’t underestimate and despise it. Liu Bowen urges us to cherish the True Lord’s message of benevolence and help to spread it, for everyone has the capacity to show and spread love and peace to avert calamity. Elsewhere, he also wrote: “Making one copy can avert one calamity. Making ten copies can lead to safe survival. If one sees it and doesn’t pass it on, the whole family, young and old, will suffer from the sin. If one can see through those things, one will live like an immortal in unlimited light-heartedness and boundless joy. Liu Bowen makes it clear that if humanity does not practice the True Lord’s message, suffering would befall them and their families too. But if people do listen, they would live like an immortal in boundless joy… “So take heed. Tell your family and friends to beware and to repent and to change their lifestyle into benevolent one. Vegan diet is the answer. (Yes, Master.) But the people who keep eating meat despite the UN warning, despite all the scientists’ reports, despite all the films showing all the cruelty and incredible, inhumane practice of animal factories and still eating meat, still don’t change, then these people are not redeemable.” “It’s the 21st century. Many Masters come and go, teach us benevolence and kindness to all beings. We cannot continue massacring other beings or humans. God cannot be patient forever seeing us harming other fellow co-inhabitants. But if we stop, we repent, God will immediately forgive and forget and we will all enjoy this life in abundance, happiness, and go to Heaven when we leave this world. I promise. Heavens are my witness, God is my witness.

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