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Noteworthy News

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In today’s news, Saudi Arabia contributes to relieving food shortages in neighboring country, data shows exercise can help reduce COVID-19 severity, injured Ukrainian (Ureignian) soldiers receive free prosthetics, Los Angeles to immediately shelter more unhoused people, Indian couturier wins PETA India’s vegan fashion award, Dutch plant-based brand launches vegan salmon fillet, and scientist from Great Britain discovers penguin-people colony in Antarctica.

Here is a safety tip for those lucky enough to have parrot friends. Make sure you keep a close eye on your feathered companions as they tend to put everything in their mouths, similar to small children. They like to nibble windowsills and baseboards, which are potentially toxic as they might contain lead. Parrot-individuals may also chew on objects around the house or garage that contain other toxic metals like copper and zinc. These also include stained or soldered glass items, galvanized wire, batteries, and linoleum. Furthermore, they are attracted to small, shiny things that are tempting to eat such as jewelry. Therefore, when you let your parrot friend move freely at home, be attentive and keep any toxic objects away from them.

We have just filled out the giggle registration form and received the following joke. Let's check it out. It's called, “Correct Answer.”

One day in history class, the teacher found Victor dozing off, so she woke him up and asked him:

“OK, you should know this one. Where was the United States Declaration of Independence signed?”

“On a table?”


And now we have a heartline from Alicia in Costa Rica:

Loving Hut Costa Rica celebrated 11 years of cooking with love. These 11 years were very special for the staff. We do this work with a lot of love for our clients and also for the animal-people. Understanding that animal-people feel, love and suffer when they are killed makes 12 hours of work seem like a weak commitment to help all suffering beings. From our hearts, we hope that each plate of vegan food that we serve and the attention of the staff motivate people who are not yet vegan to make the change, and those who already are, to enjoy the cruelty-free dishes as always. We thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for allowing us to spread veganism through the Loving Hut, and we pray for the peace of animal-people and the world. Alicia from Costa Rica

Dedicated Alicia, Bravo! We would like to thank you and your hard-working team for all the love you share through the wonderful vegan food you selflessly serve each day. May Heaven’s radiant Light shine on you, and the beautiful Costa Rican people, bringing joy and contentment to your lives always. In Divine Grace, Supreme Master TV team

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