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Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Plea to All Religious Leaders

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Host: On Sunday, April 25, 2021, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai caringly made time to speak with the Supreme Master Television team members, as She shared another interesting story from “A Treasury of Jewish Folklore” compiled by Nguyễn Ước. Before the reading, Master elaborated on some questions which the team members had.

(Master, there is an ongoing crisis at the US-Mexico border. In the first few months of Joe Biden’s presidency, the number of illegal immigrants apprehended has surged, with more arrivals than any other period in the past 20 years. Some say it is fueled by the perception that his administration has a more “open” border policy. By contrast, the former US president, His Excellency Donald Trump’s policies tightly restricted legal and illegal immigration, and directed immigration officials to apprehend anyone in the country unlawfully. Would Master kindly share Her thoughts on this issue?)

Yes. President Trump wanted to regulate the immigration traffic flow from other countries to be in a more orderly manner, to protect the Americans as well as the immigration people. The US has already actually a kind of open policy, like yearly everyone can apply to live there or work there if they win the Green Card program. Fifty-five thousand nowadays, yearly, can have that chance, plus anyone can apply in many other ways to live and work in the US openly.

Open border is very good. (Yes, Master.) But it should be done in the organized way. Otherwise it will be chaotic. As I have read in the news, it seems to breed a kind of crisis at the border between USA and Mexico. (Yes, Master.) Because you cannot just open the border without foreplanning. (Yes, Master.)

In Europe, it’s different. They have a Schengen zone where people from different countries in Europe can just go in and out of any other countries without any border or without checkpoints. Without passport or any ID necessary. But they had planned many equipment and systems to put this into practice.

But America and Mexico and others, like South American countries, they did not plan. So in that case, it is not very good to just let people come in like that, because you might have different people with maybe disease or criminal records or other kinds of unpleasant things. And also, if you don’t plan in advance, then you don’t have like a center to screen people and to give them ID to go into the US, so that they can find a job or they can find their relatives. As I saw it in the news, this is kind of very chaotic, all the children squeezed together in pens, and it’s very… almost very unkind. Because people come to the United States, all of a sudden, so the people at the border cannot deal with the influx so fast. And there might be not enough comfortable accommodation and not enough food, the logistic stuff. This is not very good like that. Not good for America, not good for Mexicans and other immigrants. I heard they came all the way from even Honduras and other countries in Central America.

So, to open the border is very nice, very kind and very good for any country. When you need some extra workers, or you just want to be hospitable, it’s very good. But in this case, when it’s so chaotic like that, it’s very bad for the immigrants, especially for the small children. I saw them even dropped over the fence, the wall of the border, and that’s very bad for them. This must be traumatic for them, and it’s very difficult for the child to forget this kind of traumatic experience in their very young and tender age.

And also important is, in the time of pandemic, most borders are closed to protect the people, and at the moment it’s not favorable to open. If the children are squeezed together like that, healthy and unhealthy, that’s very bad for all of them. (Yes, Master.) Don’t you think so? (Yes, Master.) And also I saw it in the news that many people are sick. Like they have COVID-19, and they are just let to run, go into the United States. And that might infect healthy Americans also. (Yes.) That’s very, very inconsiderate. It should not have been done this way. It should have been more organized before the immigrants were able to come into America. Otherwise, the open border is very good. Good for the host country, good for the immigrants, because immigrants need jobs and they will be motivated to work very hard and contribute to the country as well as for the immigrant himself.

It’s just that we have to organize in advance. Have a good place for them to stay meanwhile, and some doctors, some medical personnel to take care of their health when they first come, and organize the logistic situation, with food and clothing, and blankets, and rooms, and hygiene, stuff like that. It wasn’t really very organized, and that’s very, very bad for the children who are sent there, especially without any parents or adult accompaniment. I don’t think it’s very kind, even though the intention may be good. (Yes, Master.) But good intention is not everything. Good intention has to come also with good logistic arrangements, and all the preparation to welcome the guests.

Even in Europe, with this Schengen Agreement in the Schengen zone, during the pandemic, borders are closed also. So the border between the US and Mexico opened, I think it’s not a very good idea at the moment. Besides, the mentality of European countries is maybe different from the mentality of the Mexicans and the Americans, different expectations, different way of life. In the European Union, most of the people’s standard of living are similar. Of course, there are always the richer and the less rich, but the standard of living is more or less similar between the countries in the Schengen zone. Even then, during the pandemic, they close the borders as a prevention to protect their citizens.

Especially in the pandemic situation like we are in right now, I don’t know if the border should be open like that. (Yes, Master.) And that would be also encouraging the smugglers, the human traffickers or drug traffickers. All kinds of unfavorable groups of people also will be mixing in, and that’s no good for the host country, for America, at all.

Host: After Master kindly translated the Jewish traditional tale called “The Traveling Businessman and a Trustworthy Ghost,” She emphasized an important revelation that was made in the story.

You see, in this story, the ghost even told, and truthfully, that most people who die, suffer in hell. Because very rare we have some virtuous and morally uncorrupted person. (Yes, Master.) And to eat meat and all that is already a sin, already sinful and already punishable by law, the Universal law.

I really want to plead with all the religious leaders. You must make a good example. You must be a vegan, now. Then God will forgive. Otherwise, truly, you will go to hell.

I mean it. Like everyone else, if you continue to eat meat, drink wine, and even just to eat meat, not drink wine, it’s already sinful enough to be punished in hell for a long, long, long, long time.

We can put the heartline, or the talk of the sister from China, about hell.

“Most Beloved Master: I can attest that when Master says, ‘Those who eat meat will go to hell,’ that is the absolute truth. One midnight, as I was wrapping up my meditation session, I received a message from my inner Master, saying: ‘You should pay a visit to hell to learn the work of a Bodhisattva and help the beings there.’ My inner Master then transported me to hell. Her Supreme Power protected me from the hellfires, which would have scorched a practitioner of my level. It also freed me of fear. I was escorted to one of the hells by Earth Store Bodhisattva. Here, the wrongdoers were forced to run as fast as they could on a huge spinning black iron wheel, which resembled a waterwheel. The moment they failed to keep up with the speed of the wheel, they would fall into a cauldron of boiling soup on a roaring fire and get cooked to smithereens.

Following Master’s instructions, I recited the Five Holy Names and the Gift. As I did so, Master’s immense power enabled those beings to free themselves from the wheel. They then knelt in front of me. I asked them: ‘How did you fall into this hell?’ They said: ‘In our previous life, we ate large amounts of flesh of hunted animals and captured fish. They experienced great terror when they were hunted. They tried to flee, but there was no escape. They were captured, slaughtered, and cooked to mush in a pot. As a consequence of eating their flesh, we fell into hell’s cauldron, having to flee and be cooked repeatedly.’ I explained to them: ‘The karmic toll of meat-eating is extremely heavy. People only dare to eat meat because they don’t know what awaits them.’ I exhorted them to be sure to adopt a vegan lifestyle and do good deeds in their next incarnation. They then followed Master out of hell, on the path to a new life. Yet, even as I spoke, I could see many meat-eaters arrive from above, falling one after another into hell, all stark naked. Alas, as the scriptures say: ‘Hell shall never be empty.’

Then, I felt a twinge in my left arm. I looked down and saw that my left sleeve had blown up to an enormous size. Innumerable hell beings were tucked in the sleeve to be rescued from hell. As it turns out, hell beings can shrink and be rescued that way.

Amazed, I reveled in the magnanimity and boundless compassion of Master and Earth Store Bodhisattva, who extend their help to the suffering sentient beings. In the next instant, I was back in hell singing praises of the two great Saints. I had only uttered a few words of praise when I heard a series of startlingly loud clangs. Lo and behold, it was the sound of the iron walls of several adjacent hell chambers crumbling under the power of exaltation of the Saints! At the same time, a pure, effervescent spring gushed forth from the dark ground of hell, forming a lotus pond. Countless gold and white lotuses grew in the pond and bloomed instantaneously. The lotus flowers grew larger and larger, glowing in beautiful splendor. Even golden lotuses can bloom in hell, under the infinite power and merit of our beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai and Earth Store Bodhisattva. Their greatness is truly beyond human comprehension!” 

It’s not enough that you wear the monk’s or nun’s robe and just every day doing some not very useful rituals, taking donations, having a comfortable church or temple to live in, and being revered by the faithful. You must turn around.

Be vegan. No more meat. No more animal products. Otherwise, you cannot escape hell. In my honor, in the name of God, I tell you the truth like that. Even if you feel offended, even if I risk my safety to tell you, the leaders of religions, I have to tell you, in the name of God. It’s not enough just to learn some ritual by heart and just repeat what is in the Bible or the sutra.

People trust you to lead them to the righteous way. Not only you have to be vegan, you must also advise your followers, the faithful, to do the same. Must be vegan.

No more killing, indirectly, the poor, innocent animals that God made. The animals are also God’s children, and shall not be destroyed. The animals are helpers of humankind. In the Bible it even says all that: “Ask the birds, they will show you. Ask the fish, they will instruct you. Ask the animals, they will tell you. They will advise you.” ~ Holy Bible, Job 12:8

So they are some beings to be respected, to be loved, at least to be friendly with. It’s not for us to eat, to torture, in such a barbarous way. And if you eat them, these torturously killed meats, you condone this practice and you are an accomplice. I am telling you as a friend, as a faithful. As a person who respects, loves God. As a person who loves human beings and animals. As a person who cries every day and night, for their suffering.

I’m not spending idling time talking to you like this. I must warn you that hells are awaiting you if you don’t turn around now and stop eating meat of the innocent animals. We − even no priests, even ordinary people – we humans, a humane human, should never enjoy at the cost of suffering of any others. God says, “Thou shall not kill.” And that never fails. That law of the Universe is everywhere, correct and just. No one can escape that. “As you sow, so shall you reap.” Just because you don’t see the animal suffer, just because you don’t kill the animal, doesn’t mean you don’t partake in the sin thereof.

People trust you. You must advise them to go the compassionate way, the way Jesus walked, the way the Buddha taught, the way Guru Nanak Dev Ji showed to us, the way Prophet Muhammad, peace be on Him, taught us. All the Masters said the same. Lord Mahavira did not even want to eat, or the fruits even. And we are allowed to eat fruits and vegetables, and in plenty. We are not short of food, of nutrition. We should not kill just to enjoy. That is wicked. That is against God. That’s against your mission, against the robe that you are wearing, which is the holy robe, the representative of holiness, of Heavens, of God. You have to live the way our Masters taught us, like Lord Jesus, Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavira, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the Prophet Muhammad, peace be on Him, the Prophet Baháʼu’'lláh etc., etc.

I have no more tears to show you. I cannot take out my heart to show you how sincere I am, and how broken it has been, over and over again, because of the suffering of humans and animals. The suffering of animals affects humans and thus humans also suffer.

You are the representative of Heaven. You’re supposed to walk the way of Heaven, of compassion, of love, of benevolence, of mercy. Then all that will come to you, the day you leave this world, the day you discard your robe to go back to Heaven. Otherwise, you go to hell, and I guarantee that. You know I mean it, and you know it is true. So U-turn now. I wish you the best, in God’s Mercy and Love. And I love you, all of you. Please, U-turn. Thank you.

Host: Most Gracious Master, Your pure, selfless Love and never-ending Compassion for all suffering and misled beings, give us hope that the world will retrieve its humane values. We sincerely pray that Master’s efforts will help those in trusted positions of influence to choose the life-honoring vegan diet and urge their followers to do the same, thus bringing humankind onto the path of benevolence. Wishing Master a peaceful heart, happiness and perfect health, in the Support and Glory of the Divine.

For the full broadcast of this conference with Supreme Master Ching Hai, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples at a later date.

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