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The Right Balance of Inner Heavenly Light and Sound Meditation Brings Spiritual Progress Feb. 21, 2019

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So, the (inner Heavenly) Light meditation is very important. But the (inner Heavenly) Sound meditation is also very important. The Sound meditation needs to be accompanied by the Light meditation, so that it can regulate the power from Heaven.

Hallo, everyone. (Hallo.) Love you. (We love You.) OK, I just want to say hallo and we will see each other the next day.

Because I just want to remind you that during the time that you have the opportunity to stay in the beautiful ashram, you meditate a lot. Unless you have to help in the kitchen or something, but any free time, meditate. And the ones who don’t have to help anywhere, meditate all day, and at night also, if possible. And you have to do the (inner Heavenly) Sound meditation a lot more. Like normally, you do only one hour every day, of Sound meditation. Here you must do many, many times more according to the proportion. Like before, one hour of (inner Heavenly) Sound and one and a half hour of the (inner Heavenly) Light.

And now here, if you meditate all day, then it must be eight times more like that. Eight times of “one hour of Sound and one and a half hours of Light,” because if you don’t, then it’s too much energy, which cannot be regulated, because the Light is powerful. You must regulate it with the Sound. Otherwise, you might have a little uneasiness inside, unpeaceful, or don’t do things well.

It’s easier to sit in the Light meditation, it’s more comfortable, but the Sound meditation is absolutely necessary. For example, if you meditate three hours on the Light, then you have to put in two hours on the Sound. Because the proportional minimum at home is one and a half hours on the Light and one hour of Sound. So, if you meditate more, then you have to keep adding up, like if three hours of Light, then two hours of Sound. Four and a half hours of Light, then three hours of Sound.

You have to regulate the energy. You have to let the energy go all the way up to the third-eye, and then the crown chakra on top of your head. Otherwise, if you don’t meditate enough on the Sound, then the energy is stuck somewhere else. Maybe it’s stuck in the solar plexus or stuck in your throat center, and it should be getting out, all the way up to the head, and getting out and circulating. So, meditation on the Sound, proportionate with the Light is very, very, very important. For your peace also, not just for your spiritual progress, but also, peaceful life. (Yes, Master.) And also, for the wisdom to develop more, because of the balance of the energy inside. Your translation is good, yeah? (Yes.) OK.

I mean, we have to do the Light meditation because the inner Sound is very important. Otherwise, our energy will not be balanced. And our life will not be balanced, either. It’s not going to cause any harm, but our life will not be so balanced. And we will not do things so smoothly. So, the (inner Heavenly) Light meditation is very important. But the (inner Heavenly) Sound meditation is also very important. The Sound meditation needs to be accompanied by the Light meditation, so that it can regulate the power from Heaven. Otherwise, it might be stuck in other… It’s called chakra in Sanskrit. It means our energy centers. It’s better for our inner spiritual energy to go to the third eye or to the top of our head. If it gets stuck somewhere in a lower place, like the solar plexus, the heart chakra, or the throat chakra, it will not be so good; it has to go up. The Sound meditation would force it to go up, so our level can be higher, and we can progress spiritually.

You have to meditate at least two hours and a half at home. But when you come here, whenever you have time to meditate, you should increase it. Depending on the amount of Light meditation, you have to increase the Sound meditation proportionally. For example, if you meditate one and a half hours on the Light, then you do one hour on the Sound. So now, when we are here, for example, if we meditate three hours on the Light, we should do two hours on the Sound. And if we do six hours on the Light, then how many hours on the Sound? (Four hours.) Yeah, it should be balanced like that.

I know it’s easier to do the (inner Heavenly) Light meditation, more comfortable. But we still have to try to do the (inner Heavenly) Sound. Otherwise, our spiritual energy will not be so smooth, and our peaceful energy would be lessened. We have to do more, so that our lives will be more peaceful and we get along with others better. Whatever we contribute, it will be smooth. Then it will be peaceful at home, and doing business outside will be smooth as well. Understand? (Yes.) We have to be balanced inside and outside. Remember to do the Sound meditation. It’s very important. (OK.) OK, try your best to meditate then. Are you OK here? Is your meditation comfortable? (Yes.)

If you are short-term residents here, you can only eat, sleep and meditate, OK? (Yes.) Help whatever you can. If the contact persons need anything, you can help with whatever you have, and then meditate. Meditate whenever you have time, because our life is very short. We cannot waste it on something trivial. So, talk less, and turn more inward. When you have a chance to come here, search more inward for your true self. I mean, you have found it, but you have to turn inward to progress more. Be more diligent to make up for the time not meditating enough at home. Thank you very much.

Thank you everyone. (Thank You, Master!) I will see you in one or two days. I will see you. I will see you on your celebration day. This is just to remind you to practice.

And when you go home, you have to tell your fellow practitioners. Tell all the CPs (contact persons) to remind practitioners to do more Quan Yin in the group meditation time and at home. Maybe some hufa (Dharma guard) should bring a small bell. Tell everybody to meditate – after the Light -- they have to meditate on the Sound, until the bell rings. So, at least one hour. After one hour the bell rings, then you know it’s one hour. But you want to meditate more on the Quan Yin (Sound meditation) in proportion with more of the Quan Quang or Light, then it’s OK.

I said when you go back, tell others to meditate more on the Sound, balance it with the Light. At home, after meditating on the (inner Heavenly) Light, you can set the alarm clock. Set it to go off, at least an hour later, and you will know that you have meditated on the (inner Heavenly) Sound for at least one hour. Otherwise, we just sit for a while, and we would think that it’s one hour already. And it wouldn’t be good to keep looking at the watch either. For example, if you don’t have time to sit for one hour, you can sit for half an hour and later for another half hour, when you have time. Like, if you did half an hour in the morning, then you would have to do another half hour in the evening, after doing the Light meditation. Just keep it balanced. I have told you the proportion. For example, one hour on the Sound and one and half hours on the Light. And tell your contact person to find a small bell, like the one the Buddhists use, when they are chanting or reciting sutras. And ring the bell after one hour (of Sound meditation), so people know when they should come out, if they want to come out. That’s how it is in group meditation. Otherwise, you just sit for a while, and you will think that it’s time already.

I said at home, you go home and remind all your fellow practitioners to do the (inner Heavenly) Sound meditation proportionately with the (inner Heavenly) Light meditation. After Light meditation then do the Sound meditation. You can continue to do the Sound meditation for three, four hours, if you can, and then after that, you do more of the Light to add up to the time of the Sound; to make the proportion correct, more or less. And also, you can tell the CP (contact person) to have a little bell, chiming bell, very little, and everybody in the group meditation, after the Light meditation, they should meditate on the Sound, altogether, until the bell rings. And then they know, if they want to relax to do other, to do Light or maybe it’s time to go home, whatever. But have to use a little bell, so that everybody knows they should continue until the bell rings. So at least they know it’s one hour already. They can do the Light again or they can continue to do the Sound, it doesn’t matter.

Also, at home, if you don’t know the time, then you should put a little alarm clock, in your telephone or something, so you only relax after one hour of meditation on the Sound, and that is after the one and a half hours of the Light. The proportion, you have to make the proportion well. And if you cannot meditate at that time, one hour, then you do maybe half of the proportion of the Light and then half of the proportion of the Sound and do another half in the evening to make it up. (Yes.)

If you know that, for example, you don’t have enough time for two and a half hours to meditate on the Light and Sound together, then you divide it. Maybe you do the Light… One and a half hours is 90 minutes, right? So, you do 45 minutes on the Light and then you do half an hour on the Sound. And then, in the evening, or whenever you have time again, you do the other half. You divide the Light meditation into half and then you divide the Sound meditation into half, or a quarter, whatever you have time to do, you divide it. But you have to do the (inner Heavenly) Light first. Have to do the Light first. Recite the Five Names and then do the (inner Heavenly) Sound. (Yes.) It’s OK, if you don’t have time to do the whole one and a half hours but you have time maybe… you have only one hour, then you do maybe 40 minutes on the Light and then 20 minutes on the Sound. For example like that, more or less proportionate. And then if you don’t have more time, then you first recite the Five Names. Maybe you have only 15 minutes, then you recite the Five Names and you meditate on the Sound. Recite the Holy Names for 10 minutes and then you do the Sound for five minutes. (Yes.) OK, thank you.

I wish you spiritual peace and progress and everything good in your life. I will see you soon. (Thank You, Master.)

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