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Abortion Should Be Immediately Outlawed Worldwide

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Beloved Master, I very much appreciate Your wise insights and advice about abortion, as shared in a recent broadcast on Supreme Master TV. The aborted fetuses are truly pitiful, being abandoned before birth. Thinking about it, I tossed about in bed, unable to sleep. I would like to share two real-life stories that happened around me about the aftermath of abortions.

A colleague who was five months pregnant chose to have an abortion because she had a preference for sons. After her return from the operation, she sat and wept, saying, “It had already taken a human form, but then it became only lifeless parts – little hands and feet. I very much regret not having waited another few months and letting her live!”

The second story is about a woman who had an abortion in the second month of her pregnancy. For years after that, she would often hear the child crying, “Mother, why didn’t you want me?” in her dreams. Because of the abortion, her doctor told her clearly that she would not be able to conceive again.

Abortion causes great harm, physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is not an individual matter. On a small scale, it hurts the body, but on a larger scale, it brings harm to the whole of society and the country because the baby conceived could be a saint, Bodhisattva, or great inventor. The legalization of abortion is a terrible disaster. An old saying says that “a ferocious tiger will not eat its cubs.” If humans dare to hurt their own babies, what else couldn’t they think of doing? Put yourself in their shoes. If the fetus were you, would you like to be aborted?

I truly beseech everybody to think three or more times about the consequences before taking any action. Abortion is always a mistake, for it takes away life. Our parents made sacrifices and raised us after our mothers spent nine months carrying us in their wombs. Since a child is seeking to come into the world via our body, please let us give them a chance. If we do not want to raise them, we could give them to the many people who cannot have a baby at a time when the population is on the decline. We would be happier and more at peace in body, mind, and spirit.

If anyone around us is considering an abortion, let us tell them the truth about how it would bring tremendous harm to the body, mind, and spirit. Our suggestions and encouragement might allow a child to be born and thus reduce the killing karma of the world.

I sincerely thank Master, for You always speak out for justice. At a time when everybody is vulnerable to influence, we are grateful for Your words of Wisdom as well as Your loving and enlightened vision that helps us perceive the truth. I have faith that Your words will change the world for the better and awaken more and more people. My thanks also to all the saints on the Supreme Master TV team, for your help in spreading the Truth to all corners of the world. Let us pray for an immediate arrival of a vegan world, so the planet will become brighter. Your loving disciple, You-Ning from China

Compassionate You-Ning, We would like to thank you for your heartfelt message that we pray will reach those in need of such a loving truth.

Supreme Master Ching Hai responds in kind: “Wise You-Ning, you are right, we must treasure the spark of the Divine in all living beings, before and after birth. Abortion should be immediately outlawed worldwide and systems set up to support women who wish to keep their precious newborns or to give up their babies for adoption, and connect the infants with the many couples waiting to lovingly bring a new child into their family. I send you a big hug, and may Buddha’s great Love bless you and the peace-loving Chinese people.”

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