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NWN Heartline - The Importance of the World Vegan Worldwide Meditation

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Hallo to my Dear Master, Savior of the World and humanity, and greetings to the Supreme Master Television team, who came down to the world in this era to be Master’s helpers at this challenging time. Dear Master, I would like to thank You for recently granting me initiation, accepting me as Your disciple, and ending my search for finding the Ultimate Master. My words cannot describe the feeling of happiness and joy that I have after years of darkness and pain from seeing the sufferings of this world.

I want to emphasize the importance of the World Vegan worldwide meditation to all Supreme Master Television viewers. Tonight in the worldwide meditation, I noticed that all those who participated in the meditation were connected together by lines of light energy. This concentrated energy covers the entire Earth and gradually becomes more extensive, more powerful and brighter. And this is the energy of the Master Power that is uplifting and purifying the world.

In this meditation, I saw two big vertical light channels standing on Earth. One was the energy of our supplications (requests) for uplifting the world, which was going up and was connected to the Higher Heavens and Worlds. The other channel was for bringing down the help of Heaven to save the world. In this channel, there were various medicines, vaccines, new inventions, and new foods to replace animal products, that were floating in the Light and coming down to Earth in order to bring about the vegan world. I hope that this meditation manifests World Peace as soon as possible. Minoo from Australia

Insightful Minoo, It is a joy to read about your inner experiences during World Vegan meditation. Together we are strong, and let us pray that more and more like-minded souls hear Master’s call to unite in meditation for an hour each day to herald a vegan world. May you and the positive Australian people be blessed by the support of all Heavenly beings, stand with us and lend support, to manifest these Divine dreams. In Universal Love, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has these loving comments for you: “Happy Minoo, I too am pleased that your inner Master has lifted your spirits and you are able to see the good work of you and all others meditating together for World Vegan, World Peace. You are the heroes and heroines of our times. Keep up the good, noble work and encourage others to join as well. Much Love to you, and may the Divine Light illuminate your life and the lives of the vibrant Australian people with Truth and opportunity.”

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