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Deep Fried Vegan Rice Paper Wrap with Mushroom Filling & Vegan Squash and Coconut Soup, Part 1 of 2

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“Hi there. We are going to make some simple mushroom wrap, meaning we are going to wrap some mushrooms into rice paper.”

“When you’re cooking, don’t forget to recite the Holy Name. You can recite any Holy Name you like: God, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), Guru Nanak. Any Saint that you revere. Maria, Joseph. Like that, your food will be more nutritious because it’s blessed by the Divine loving power.”

“Coriander, already chopped and put there. Now I’m going to take out the mushroom - just a handful of coriander and some mushrooms.”

“Remember to wash all the vegetables, soak them in salt water as usual and just recite the Holy Names or Name when you are preparing the food. Even the mushroom, sometimes they put it in a beautiful wrapper, wrapped already and clean looking, but I suggest you wash them. Soak them in salty water for three minutes to five minutes, then wash them thoroughly before using. It’s safer that way.”

“After we chop them all already, we can mix them together. Mix the coriander, the mushroom. Mix it thoroughly.” “If you want to cook this, you have to put the rice paper into the water quickly, but make sure all the sides are wet. Cut into half and just prepare one or two at a time because it does soften very quickly. And if it is too soft, it is not easy to handle. If it is too hard, it won’t wrap well. You prepare this similar to the spring roll. I cut it in half already. Now I’ll fill this in with some of this mushroom, just a little, like a tablespoon, and wrap this around it. Wrap it nice and well.”

“Deep frying well, deep fry is good, simple. You can even turn the heat a little bit lower, like, two thirds of the heat so that it will not quickly burn or over-burn, over-fry, too quick. Two-thirds of medium heat is fine. After the oil boils, you turn it lower like that. I’m preparing other things meanwhile. We let them fry until they become golden. Then it will be ready.”

“Just have fun with cooking, experimenting new lifestyle; veganism is a very good way to live; fun, experimental. We always have to change our lifestyle for a more exciting, more beneficial and fun way.”

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